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  1. by the looks of the first set of flicks, i would have said A, but after the different angles id deffinatly say b. A just looks unfinished.
  2. you are pretty stupid man. im mean.................youre just dumb.
  3. its all about the TKO rollers.
  4. thats a cheesy ass way of saying that its cool.
  5. the poster in the bottom left corner just oozes with style.
  6. hell yeah, finally some shit from the 608. i been waitin for some for a long time. hey vanity, you should post more meter/ts1 flix, i know you got em cause meter especilly gets up like a motherfucker. but anyways, nice thread.
  7. true, true. but not only that, but it has a C and S and we dont even know if they're capital or lower case. that cense is one kooky motherfucker. every piece is a new mystery.
  8. word. fo real, there needs to be a thread with some more shit from wisco. i think yall might be suprised.
  9. word. i can imagine that the type a risky manuver may not sit too well with alot of chicks.
  10. not bad, not bad at all. the handstyles are hella original.
  11. HELLA DOPE THREAD!!!!! damn, i think this is one of the best thread in a while.
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