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  1. well the hardcore scene is real lame where i live, and all people do is talk shit, there were these two kids that got into some trouble with the law. so i told them they could chill at my place for a few days. one of the kids had this crazy ex. so she goes and spreads mad rumors about how i slept with both these boys, and gave them crabs.. at the time i was still a virgin..:o how'd i do that???
  2. SPORK

    wierd turnoffs

    this seems weird to me, but i cant stand when guys sleep with their shirts off. i dont know what it is, i need a wife beater on them or somethin. i dont like clothes during sex or anything, just when hes sleepin in my bed. cant explain it. guys who put on a front when their "boys" are around. shits lame.
  3. i really enjoyed the royal tenenbaums, i thought it was amazing.
  4. well i have a cell phone, and by no means am i imp. i dont even have a job at the moment. but i dont have a home phone, havent had one in about 2 or 3 yrs. cell phone is much cheaper, and very convient. in the event i get lost, because i suck at directions, and a ton of other reasons. plus half the time i dont like talking to people, so i put the shit on vibrate, and if i dont want to talk to whoever comes up on caller id i dont have to answer that shit.
  5. With fists raised high in tightened knots, the room explodes and now this blood is on your hands and there is no time for a second chanceto paint my face with blood and tears and cover up. In an open book that no one reads, a mispelled word that no one know. You stole the rain, then you turned around and tore my life in two. Just like the picture that once hung on the wall in the room that we used to share. So fold me up, and put me back in the place where you used to keep your heart. You think its getting smaller? Its been that way for quite some time now. The cadence beats down the tar. Its sounds the same as your fists raining down (if you wanted to change the way i look at you...) We've got to leave before the sun sets, or maybe we dont have time (time to waste) it wont be long until your gone into the night.
  6. The fucking museum where i lived hasnt been updated or what have you since i was about 9yrs old. fucking lame.
  7. the olympus stylus cameras take dope pictures for a little point and shoot, you cant go wrong with that camera.
  8. uhhh my day SUCKED...there is soooooooooo much snow outside, you cant even see in front of you its snowing so hard out. my cat scratched the fuck out of my hand. my only friend is throwing up so i have nothing to do. i left my house once today to get a drink. fuckin shit.
  9. So I dont think there will ever be an answer to girlfriend/boyfriend bullshit. I am 21 and I have only been in two relationships, I am petrified of other people. Both of these guys werent the nicest guys in the world, the werent viloent just had a ton of problems. The thing with girls goin for assholes and all that is, my last boyfriend who broke up with me recently was amazing for like a yr, after that things started to fall apart. I was always mad cool about him painting and skating and shit, I would let him borrow my car to paint at any hr, bottom line im a pretty fucking chill girl. He just got real mean and would fight with me all the time, without gettin into there were alot of breaking up and makin up shit... what he said in the end was that he basically was bored with me. The problem with this is it takes me so long to actually trust people when i do i get real attached, its hard for me to let go cuz im afraid to move on. I need to fix more things with myself, i realize this now. Relationships are a learning expierience. As for guys being dicks there are just as many asshole girls, so we just need to figure out how to keep the assholes with the assholes. my brain is retarded, sorry if this makes no sense...
  10. its funny that ordinary objects such as clean panels on bus's or walls or whatnot turn into oppertunities(sp?) to me...like i said i dont get up bombing anymore but when im rokin the cdta i always end up stickerbombing and or taggin...its just the way it is. j3di
  11. Oh man how i love nintendo... mine broke yrs ago.. this summer coney island bought one for fuckin 10 bucks..how i love that place..anyways i would have to say.. metroid. paper boy. and i still have this weird soft spot for the karate kid game.. i have skate or die but that shit just makes me mad, shits hard as fuck to play.
  12. SPORK


    So I dont have any girlfriends what so ever, all my friends are guys and I have many of them. As far as I can remember none of them have ever tried anything, well maybe 1 but I think thats it. And Im def. not busted up or anything, I have had a lot of break up probs lately, and they all tell me how pretty I am and smart and all that shit, and there are tons of other guys out there. So are they just trying to get with me or are they just being my friends. I guess im dumb to this shit cuz i never had the thought they were ever lookin for somethin else other than friendship. After reading this...boy am i a dummy.
  13. I didnt get to read the thread so i am going by what other people have typed here, so please be kind. im just putting in my two cents...I would have to say I really dont agree with forgetting your past and starting new. Your past experiences shape you into who you are today. I know that just saying "hey ill just wipe the slate clean and forget my past" is really not the right thing to do. Everytime something bad happens, you really cant pretend like it never happened to you. Im only 21 but i have had a very trying life, my father was also an alcoholic. This def. affected my life amongst many other fucked up things that happened. With this I chose to learn from these experiences and see how i could make myself a better person. I def. still have some problems and still get down, but its an excuse to keep trying, keep trying at being a better person. I started drinking when i was 12 and by the time i was 18 and waking up in the hospital havin people tell me i almost died, shit woke me the fuck up. I wont let my past take control of my life, if you do you become a slave to the things you hate, the things you never wanted to be. so i guess im just rambling, wanted to try and help somewhat i guess. i dont know..
  14. SPORK

    Do you lie?

    im brutally honest
  15. SPORK

    What Women Want?

    Its hard to say what women in general want, as i get older and older i realize more and more how awful and ill-willed people really are. im becoming very jaded. as far as what i want in a guy is honesty, im always straight up with people, sometimes i think i may be brutally honest but i feel its better then being a liar. i just want people to tell me how they feel. if you are honest with me and show me that you love me just by listening to me, and caring thats good enough for me. in relationships i basically end up handing someone my heart and having them step on it. its hard to say, everyone gets fucked over. but the cheating thing is retarded, people want to have their cake and eat it too.
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