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  1. i really hope nobody bids on this garbage. painted it at the warhol museum over the summer with necs seak n reke, but didn't think somebody would be selling off the pieces lator on.
  2. oh man! these doods make me feel gay ;)
  3. id be an unheardof crack fiend right now, if c-nizz hadn't been such a despizing and hateful dickhead while i was coming up a couple years ago. i painted to impress a girl i met at kinko's, but mainly to get 'famous' and make my fat roomate mad. by far my favorite graffer and friend to sidebust and to chill with (in small "doses"). me reke and necs will be loving you ;)
  4. my best graff bomb ever of all time!!
  5. un real..... if i sent you out my flick could you make me beautiful?
  6. ohno*rock


    DAG fools! i digs that gigs shit. like a messed up steak that doods trains are rare, but well done. :)
  7. ohno*rock


    sombody tried to tell me Simoni tested positive for coke?!!! .............thats whats up. i've missed the entire race. been riding bikes inbetween dc and pitts. also was recently able to jump trains from jax FL all the way to fredricksburgh VA before i was tackled and severly bruised by some meat head cops who didn't like my mohawk. i have a nice carpentry job lined up in upstate ny for a couple months. theres a couple beautiful 12-32 mile loops up there for me to ride. they snake around a bunch of lakes and cow farms. i hope the red necks like my mapei bib shorts, and hot pink telecom cap.
  8. me too. 35$ or was it 45$ ? hahaha.....
  9. Re: what the fuck?? sad but true:spent: i'm workin on some new shit thats even worse!
  10. can you believe how fat those guys are these days? they've been puttin on the pounds big time!! 21 should change his shit to 211rak
  11. raveriffic. that craps even too gay for me! i think that really is victor though. thats not tenzer with the pasifier is it?
  12. http://www.odor-eaters.com/images/nervous.gif'>
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