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  1. that's bs. spocked the piece as my friend drove over the river 2 days ago. still looks the same, unless the definition of "black" and "white" have changed since. only thing black and white are JA and FOE's throws.
  2. i had a weird dream about katch last night. it involved a group of 20 samoans doing interpretive dance while katch painted their poses that spelled out the word "katch." note to self: must stop doing crack before sleep.
  3. something smells in this forum, and it's not my unwashed ass. big ups to my boy Samuel Adams!
  4. big ups to all tha real writaz: Mr. Goodwrench SnoopDoggy-Dog Phat187 Chef Boyardee Mrs. Butterworth Nabisco Phillip Morris Starbucks Jamba Juice "boo-ya," i say. "boo-ya."
  5. it ain't shit-talk when it's the troof. mere fact. uNF. and that "naga" DOES suck.
  6. PacRimJob


    mmm.... tie was a biker... woot... and sad woot...
  7. whoa. that "naga" is frickin' UGLY.
  8. unlike some of the other LA dudes that start off with cool stuff and then eventually just get ridiculous in their excess, i've always been a big fan of retna. not just good letters ubt also a good sense of their own culture (see also: Mestizo LTS)... that deserves a big "w00t!"
  9. nice photos. don't think it's him, though. his hand was never that atrocious.
  10. actually after arranged to sell his liver on the asian black market so now they're called 2BM. but since none of them paint anyway, it's a moot point.
  11. 3BM last i heard they ditched graf to become corporate whore sellouts. w00t!
  12. itk crushed. who cares if it wasn't pieces and throwups. they fuckin' killed shit.
  13. PacRimJob


    jaer and nek were never a part of TE. and biggie smalls and tupac are still dead. and just because martha stewart can rock a mean feng shui in subdued earthy the gap tones doesn't mean she can cook. so get over it.
  14. good thread. i love this.
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