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  1. Dr. Dazzle


    It's all about Can2, De La Roze, hell, the whole Stick Up Kids crew. Gotta love Giant, too
  2. Have any of you tried them? How long would they take to ship to the west coast?
  3. Yet another piece of Hollywood multi-million shit. I only watch comedies now coz they don't give a fuck. I'm sick of all this Hollywood shit.
  4. Man, I hate white trash..... You did the right thing, man
  5. I had a smart, witty reply for this but I forgot....
  6. That Secka is........whoaaaaaaa *faints*
  7. I still have to sneak out too. I'm pretty sure my parents know I at least sketch. I came home one day to find my mum showing some sketches to my dad. It was pretty awkward. No bonding though. I don't know what my parents would do if they knew I was actually sneaking out and paainting shit. Maybe they'd be pretty cool. They're all into meditation and yoga and shit.
  8. DAMN I JUST WANNA SUCK THOSE TILL.........oh, um, pardon me
  9. I got about 8 of my friends working at Lake Louise the entire season. Spending six months in a dorm full of skaters, boarders, stoners, and hot Australian chicks. Damn. Makes me regret going straight to school. On another note snowboarding is cool......
  10. The Disco piece on pg. 88 The Christmas whole car by Jsun and Seen That book also got me into graffiti:king:
  11. I don't like buy punk CD's but all my friends are big fans. We go to a lot of shows, bands like Downway , Choke(FUCKING AWESOME), and Belvedere frequent the Multi lots. Good times had by all.
  12. Dr. Dazzle

    skate shoes.

    Exactly. I have D3's too. Silver and white. Mmmmmmmm, I suddenly feel all wet........:king:
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