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  1. insane post makin devils cower to the caucus mountains
  2. Mac.... my balls are on fire!... my eyeballs
  3. jobeone


  4. jobeone

    Wild Whorses

    http://photon.unm.edu/~josho/temp_pics/12oz/sketch_06.jpg'> http://photon.unm.edu/~josho/temp_pics/12oz/sketch_07.jpg'>
  5. http://photon.unm.edu/~josho/temp_pics/12oz/2face_red.jpg'> 2face http://photon.unm.edu/~josho/temp_pics/12oz/chs.jpg'> chs
  6. http://photon.unm.edu/~josho/temp_pics/12oz/ditch_01.jpg'> http://photon.unm.edu/~josho/temp_pics/12oz/ditch_02.jpg'> the bearded lady
  7. as promised http://photon.unm.edu/~josho/temp_pics/12oz/2face_silver.jpg'> 2face http://photon.unm.edu/~josho/temp_pics/12oz/boar.jpg'> boar http://photon.unm.edu/~josho/temp_pics/12oz/fall_act.jpg'> act
  8. as soon as i get moved into my new place i will share all of the flix that i have from the the 90's. major influences: 2face, rock, jolt, kema.... considering the population of albuquerque compared to big cities, its amazing how many good people have come from there.
  9. spiecy hot stuntaz!
  10. jobeone

    canvas stuff

    http://freephoto-i.net./users/timmy/cdb1_canvas_cropped.jpg'> if you know this girl ill give you a dollar.
  11. ACET stentoria, that be "the hot death"
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