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  1. mel-freight king=laughable.


    I'll personally back this!


    and 'Reud boy / pullout whatever you shit onto walls you are a bitch, i tried to fight you and you ran like a bitch. Keep talking shit from denver where you ran to, like a bitch. case closed.

  2. I bet if the cops popped that M dude, they would charge him with all the H's too.


    play nice boo....as long as we've known each other you're really gonna try and take it down that road? then again maybe im just missing the sarcasm that i know you have mastered....either way i still love you

  3. check one two one two. new to the boxcar bench press. so i rack go to the yard,rack go back to the yard. just trying to hang wit the big dudes.







    I know exactly where this is ... good spots, no competitiion

  4. photo.jpg


    shitty camera phone flick, But is this what your talking about ballerplaya?


    you got it...thats a hell of a spot. and i agree with steven, bad mix. as a white boy wearing semi-tight pants who walks alone on the "crack blocks" of dc from time to time i'm gonna have to call bs

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