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  1. Depends on what you define as a dick head. Theres a notable crew up here with a few notable members. Well they have ego problems and generally began pissing me off when They started capping old Stun K.M.S. peices and Characters.
  2. Uh...yeah Well lets put it this way, since they "Arrested" those people, I've hit the wall a bunch of times...fuck..I hit the damn thing...and While I was hitting it...a cop drove by..and kept on going. So I assume its legal seeing as its OWNED by Anheiser Busch, not The City. Augie Busch said its legal..and until he says different, it is..
  3. More top five Trends 5. People getting someone else to write their shit, then just painting, 4. Crews biting entire styles then repeating it till its dead 3. People posting where to get rusto fatcaps on 12 oz prophet. 2. People doing comepletely hollow peices and then talking shit. 1. People walking around in a shirt with a picture of their tag on it after destroying their school and wondering why they got suspended.
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