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  1. haha thats one of the fuunest things ive seen today.
  2. NeO


    if have to ask, you just a dumbass dude. like wtf are you dumb or what.
  3. Live free or die hard, it was fuckin funny watching the mac ad boy act as a computer hacker:scrambled: . but worth it
  4. :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: ive gotta come up w/ a piece of propaganda for a class on graf but i dont weather to do it for a good reason, or for the cracker ass pigs, yeah i know this seems a bit stupid. i been bombin since mid school and i still cant come up wit shit. :hatred: :hatred: :hatred: ill post a pic when i get sometime
  5. can't live with em but on the flip side u can't without them :haha:
  6. yo sup kinda ride yal be rollin i be hittin the streets w/ my 91 dodge
  7. NeO

    windows xp

    go to www.dcplusplus.com an dl the program an get what ever u want man :cool:
  8. NeO

    windows xp

    win 98 is beat plus it crashes entierly to much Xp is the best fuck the rest
  9. NeO

    windows xp

    yeah it can be burnt to a cd cause that what i did just copy the cd :king:
  10. u could always try speed like aderol or something:lol:
  11. NeO

    not music

    hot music [*]the doors [*]led zepplin [*]jimi hendrix [*]aerosmith [/list=1] tis what i like :king:
  12. i gave a girl an orgasam by rubbing her tits and yes iceberg that is possible i can vouge for that.
  13. virgins... what would the world be with out them. i ike them... nuff said
  14. i posted a really good idea awhile back. do your researcha and shouldnt this be in the yard?
  15. NeO


    yeah most goth chicks are fine as hell
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