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  1. Re: ohh come on And you my friend.. ur a hippocrit.. cuz your magazine was one sided as well.. only reppin your friends and a chosen few others.. and you are THE nova? as in northern VA?... better check again champ.
  2. can any one confirm if the felon/smk/cha little prodo. is still there. that has to be one of my favorite walls ever... [/b] Are you talkin about the Pstreet production? The one that says "you cant beat that wit a bat" with cycle.smk.felon.rust.. if you are then sorry bud.. but i heard that its gone.. ia int been down there for a while but i last yeard from clear that they did a new production on it with sope i think? But im not sure.. but that was a nice prodcution before.. i used to walk by it every day on my way to the kaffa house!!!!!
  3. The book covered everything it needed to.. i know cuz i was in DC during the early to mid 90s... he may have left a few out that deserved to be in it.. like a few DNC kids.. but i still give DNC no respect becuse they more or less destroyed DC history on the red line.. and went over shit on purpose..
  4. DC Graffiti is dead I was in DC today.. Graffiti in DC is dead.. its just filled with a buncha shit talkers who dont paint.. except for a few that have alraedy been mentioned.. Give props to the ones who made DC graff Evade,Felon,Smk,NAA crew, Clear, Some, Ever, Bear, Eon, Cast, Ultra, Sime, FFC, TFM crew, Cose, all the old school heads who were painting when i lived there.. Those are the names i would see every day...over the last 5 years i ahve seen DC graffiti slowly dwingling.. its sad but its true...
  5. you definately need to comment on this one? really.. i will promote myself as much as i fuckin want.. i have been writing for 7 years.. i have painted my heart out mother fucker.. only to be charged yesterday and facing jail time.. cyne no longer exists.. all cyne is to you is a fuckin myth.. of someone who actually paid there dues in VA.. I AM CYNE ONE.. u gotta problem.. mabye when u start writing and stop talkin online you will know what im talkin about.. graffiti is more than just a hobby to me.. its my life.. and when the law takes away the only name i have ever known in graffiti and the
  6. mask isnt in a crew.. no one is stupid enough to put him down..
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