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Cosmo Kramer

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  1. http://www.xenafan.com/seinfeld/twokrame.jpg'> no sir, i do not like this post. you are a hipster dufus.
  2. maxim, stuff, fhm are all the same magazine, look thru back issues and newer ones, they are full of recycled articles, a bit different but the same none the less. i may do a whole post on this, ill back it up with examples too. i hat ethese magazines, id love to kill the make rof them.
  3. i wish he was here still. he was damn funny.
  4. if you need a labelto be proud of yourself you need a kick in the balls. fuck all you uptight SxExEXeeexEXEx kids and all that bullshit. your morals and values mean nothing to me and your no better than me. so dont push that shit on my or anyone i know. same with you religion pushers. you have an independant mind....... use it.
  5. Cosmo Kramer

    4dc dac kyt

    im so excited about all the news, i decided to post a pic of me to keep this open. http://image.eonline.com/Gossip/Images/fashion.msn.gif'>
  6. cosmo kramer did not like that site one bit. the screaming did not impress me at all. especially when he was trying to relax to the soft sounds of sublime, and it was interrupted by some asshole screaming.
  7. mrs vickies chocolate chip cookies. those wafer cookies. any chewy cookie. cookies by goerge anyone?
  8. that man is a savage, sometimes i wonder if hes a man or a machine.
  9. top to bottom locker full of text books. actually i have two.
  10. Cosmo Kramer


    ok, this shit straight up sucks. its not cool, and your tags dont help it either. those have no style. you cant sit here and tell me thier good because they arent.
  11. Cosmo Kramer


    damn VIC is the hot shit. got anything by tabs?
  12. i only drink the underground alcohol that no one has heard about.
  13. im jumping on the chewy bandwagon. are all these recent catches?
  14. http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b1cf02b3127cce9b9d25c40a060000003410'> homie has a beard like me. the first guy not the arab looking guy or the other one. the one on the left.
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