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  1. i hope this works ive never posted pics before
  2. Props to everyone who has been painting recently and props to posting flicks. if you like hip hop check out this show tomorow at the rainbow. video trapped the rapper tour thursday march 9th @ the rainbow (seattle) Percee P (stones throw) Tableek Eratic Statik Doujah Raze Asamov Genus Pro $6 9pm 21+ for more info goto: http://www.myspace.com/videotrappedtherapper http://www.obeseproductions.com
  3. a big piece of this story that is missing amoungst all of this banter is that tookie was nomanated multiple times for nobel peace prizes, tho denied everytime tookie was still fighting for peace up untill the last days. he wrote multiple chirldrens books denouncing gang violence and gang culture. and it was him who was responsible for the early 90's gang truce between the bloods and crips. what have you done with your life today...... oh yea bitched and made racist remarks on an internet forum, doin big things in the world.
  4. Yes your right I dont know you nore do i want to ever. I am trying to do you a favor, I grew up in the south end and we dont play that shit round here. Now i knew you are not white seadied and dont mistake me your not the only cat who would like to use the word but lest be real you know your not bout to go around speaking that shit on gram or othello, nore are you bout to speak that shit on duce-eight and cherry. So unless you are really living that shit dont try and front. I read this shit every few days and belive me I dont mean to single you out but you post the most shit and talk the most or dam near so. ANd to that other cat I wasent even speaking to you, but since you piped up. If you really thing shit has changed your sadly mistaken police brutality is still a major problem, equal employment, and better yet your proof positive that shit is still the same, your not black, sorry little solder. You can have an oppinion just like everyone. But dog, you have no say in the matter. Just cause we live in or are froom liberal ass seattle doers not mean that shit its different. This ant the place for disscusion but kats need to be respectful "Wisen up young buck and dont make things esclate, I would hate to set your croocked ass strate."
  5. Seattledied curb you language real quick little doggy. you post flicks but your the furthest thing from black. That goes for the rest of you white kids too. No need to respond just a posted appology will do.
  6. sultan wa, highway 2. etc hopper wholecars times two linked together. nice work.
  7. sultan wa, highway 2. etc hopper wholecars times two linked together. nice work.
  8. This whole situation is verry funny. one one hand you have little running start kids who clame they will piss on some one, come on hommie your five foot nothing. then you have people who dont back up their tough talk when the beef cooks. For my observations biter and pier came here and wrecked dam near everything pore and pars have up. Yet there is no retaliation, not even from pores hommies. And lets face it everyone on here is down for internet beef so lets not act like we dont buy into all this. Point blank out of town cats come and go, but they never stay consistant, and they never stay too long. For all the folks who arnt from seattle ask you self. Why is this battle taking place on the internet, why after a spot gets painted the picture is posted two days later fresh from the lab. Just handle your shit, no one really cares, your beef and breef exposer to the fame hore ball hugggers will end. The people who will be let are the cats who quietly put in the work, WHO ARE FROM THE TOWN. Not soem cats who come in for a hot sec. At this point tbk is killing every shot that pores and pars has, and quiet frankly its funny as hell, why waist paint on a fill when you can have the same effect with 4 tags. Rep yo shit or shut the fuck up and paint.
  9. big j loco, catch a tan for me and a milf. the tempratures rising.
  10. That was alot of something I just dont know what though.
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