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  1. all hopes die... did you roll some rail worker for his top thing. i could think of some nice daytime activities with a thing like that. a lot of the stores in my side of melbourne the cans are on little stand shelves next to the counter or behind glass. why risk bullshit like that if your under 18 makes it very hard for me to get a job(i want) once i leave school.
  2. anyone watching chilli factor 183 wre just on it, ksino and tash were on it pretty open about what they write. tash not that bad looking either. she did a throwy in a skate park.
  3. loving those fills ivo, totally different approach to graph and i'm liking it. dvoter mate i know your trying to get on ivo's good side you talk about him every post you make. no one really cares and i doubt he hates you so talk about the graff not about ivo.
  4. its fucked theres hardly any yards if you had more there would probably be more time in melbourne there are sometimes hardly any though transits in the trains.
  5. heres a whole car i stole from someone http://phaez.alphalink.com.au/kd_wc.jpg'>
  6. Re: 8 minutes... lucky ampidextrious cunt
  7. you couldn't say that some of the burner kudos panels were done in 5 minutes.
  8. i agree with you to some extent on the lettering but did you have to say he's trains were SHIT! you could have used a less harsh word. but anyways post up your panels i'm interested in seeing them. action would be nice aswell.
  9. rtd cw goin off here's something from pbp that hasn't (i think) been posted http://e-genie.tv:18889/pbp/trains/274b.jpg'> to escapeMELB i'm pretty sure that unknown is rialto on page 94 near the bottom
  10. Big mouth you got any other panel flicks
  11. that shem is sick as usual nice pics wordburner aint bad and ivo your a hypocrit for the big M comment
  12. that apoligs wholecar is a pretty fucking good effort looks pretty dope, the rest are allright aswell a bit premature though. what other panels you got that arn't from writers from the westside i notice the upske deffinetly isn't.
  13. post some dts doing their funny poses infront of panels, peaces etc.
  14. looks like bunley but cant recall seeing that dabue before. heres a giro and grate http://www.graffiti.org/escapism/images/065-09.jpg'> http://www.graffiti.org/escapism/images/044-01.jpg'>
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