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  1. keep my homies names out of your mouth. toy.
  2. did you miss your bus? or did you show up and get humbled out of doing any "graff"?
  3. fuck bush. cmd nts btr cool cats keep it grimey.:king: .werC toiR- :king:
  4. i fucking love apes. you are the fucking man.:king: riot.:king:
  5. ^^^bump for my dog evak! hope you arn't inside bro... call your mpls homies!!!!! nice hold, and evail, and all that fcr... teach, ease desa,sevebspekpenpal...etc. i gotta lotta love for milwaukee. post some pesos, oso, or yenk... kfa ns shit...
  6. yo this shit pretty tight... did anyone catch the wst tag at the end of the new 2pac video?
  7. evail! lokust! pea! apes! oh boy! post rukus too! go riot crew!
  8. haha, i hope they know what they are in for.... it was 18 degrees today. and thats still warm.
  9. thous. sham. i love you guys. sect. come with them to the race in january. it'll be a good time. bring cobra too. lok.riot.
  10. ardenchapman


    odds. tko. what up homie!?!
  11. ardenchapman


    king sex one. dck. kbn.
  12. Rukus is NOT in KYT. Rukus is in RIOT CREW, out of the midwest. Rukus and the rest of RIOT were cool with all the KYT kids though, and painted with them. i am in RIOT, so i would know.
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