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  1. waiting I am still waiting for a nice response to me pulling your card magic oner. Get back to me racking champ, oh and by the way your breath fuckin stinks Buck. Anser first:king:
  2. o'dea alumni Nothing much, and it is definitely funny that you are throwing the term tubby around, considering your appearance. So, how is the street life treating you banker boy? ANSER LOC:king: P.S. I can climb fences
  3. Bucket Loc Hey there Bucket you are a fat shit and a dork haha A-Holla:king:
  4. back and better than ever I referred to him as a fag due to the fact that he called skating sk8n, and continuously bragged about dumb shit that serves no purpose, and I also bet that he actually writes prophet and thinks that it might be original. I cannot wait for him to respond. A-HOLLA KCRIME FAMILIA

    just look

    Michael J. Fox This shit is hella tight guy A.HOLLA :king:
  6. RHYTHM NATION Janet Jackson was on the cover of that one. A.HOLLA:king:
  7. NAME DROPPING? Well I was far from it. Don't be sad that I paint with my friends when they come home so stop trying to be such a Tough Guy and stop bothering me. Periods usually only last 4-7 days so hopefully you are nearing the end of yours. A.HOLLA:king:
  8. The TakeOver NOPE, STILL WAITING A.HOLLA:king:
  9. I NEED LOVE So when are you going to post that list of writers you know and have painted with? A.HOLLA:king:
  10. HAHA And hammerfall called you out, next time let her fend for herself douchebag. A.HOLLA BACKWARDS MAN:king:
  11. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW I am siging off with victory at hand go back and do some work Have a good day buddy A.HOLLA:king: I BETCHA NEVER EVEN SEEN KAZAAM
  12. HOLLA I have some flics of shit that I painted with Kerse in seattle, i will try and post them soon. A.HOLLA:king:
  13. Scared Straight Gettin sad thinkin I might know who you are, I will leave things zs they are. Stay up baller A.HOLLA Called your Bluff:king: :king: :king:
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