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  1. ouCH hmmmmm amstel, its not a lite beer at all
  2. do you pent up, sexually frustrated extreme boys really hate on gays as much as rollerbladers? thats sad why dont you think a little just a little, thats all
  3. inevitably this will always happen, someone wants to show some fresh stuff by one ewok and every gets all freaky. fuck it, you should be busy painting. i always think it would be cool if writers could be chill together. depending on what floats your boat, destruction could be massive, art could break boundaries. but no, we just keep crossing each other out. its kinda like business, and i guess business's say if we could work together we could take over the world. for most of us, that wouldn't be a good thing. so as far as an end result in graf gettin all together, its probably not a good thing...what would come of it? im waiting for some hostile take overs. hm on dotcom or vice versa dope dope i know monopolies allready exist ewok is fresh:confused: :confused:
  4. well for the most part i guess you could say that skateboarders are pretty much unhappy people. they come right after those CRAZY goth kiddies... i really decided to take up rollerblading after discovering that shoving a skateboard up my ass was entirely to difficult. besides, the knotted laces on my blades totally act like benwa balls. dope:spent::spent::spent::spent::spent::spent::spent::spent::spent:
  5. ummmmm http://www.ogmac.co.uk/sidcup/scoot.jpg'> cows do it http://www.ogmac.co.uk/sidcup/cowscooter.jpg'> yo seeking this site looks like its right up your alley!:cool:
  6. yo some1 http://www.kudosrecords.co.uk/images/albums/difcd2.jpg'> look familiar? check out that albumcover in a store some time rahhh:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
  7. so if you rollerblade you are a homo i hope you guys don't ever see me on my scooter, what would i be then? a fag? a chicken kungpow beef shalom patty? oh wait....a woman. seeking, i swear i saw you at tower buying that monthly scooter magazine...what, did your subscription run out?
  8. anybody got the link to windowlicker by el aphexo twinness?
  9. http://www.usppp.com/images/image002.jpg'> http://www.usppp.com/images/image003.jpg'> http://www.usppp.com/images/image027.jpg'> hee hee check out the rest at http://www.usppp.com/homepage/pictures.html
  10. i wish they would stop frontin like they are in nyc and just show those dope midwest tags down by the river...yahhhhhhhhhhhhhh bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch i still luv it tho...little hth
  11. your name freaks me out...but maybe i am pronouncing it wrong?
  12. word http://www.yourphotos.com/users/3289/NImz_TRAin.JPG'> gotta love those simple messages http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/ed6e398c/bc/mn020a.jpg'>
  13. hmmmm. 10,000 moldy peaches room13 get ass push argue dsense
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