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  1. are you lost in the far off planet where that warrants a thread? :confused:
  2. http://www.earlham.edu/~guttmjo/pictures/billkill.gif'>
  3. embrace your boredome powell mike ellis - blank wheel, good 'ol china bones...
  4. you are the reason i sleep with the light on
  5. http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00219074f00000011.jpg'> nice to have met you.
  6. have you ever milked a real live moo cow? and did it get you off
  7. When you sit down to your donuts, what do you have with it? Im a choc milk man myself but ive noticed many people swigging from the coffee substitute? What are your thoughts? Does iced coffee have the same effects on your system as real coffee?
  8. If i told you i was horribly horribly wrong would you jeer at me? I hope so, but still, your rocking 13 or more posts a day pistol, are we all just shitalkers?
  9. thanks for the thread, almost relaxing? Great quality shots!
  10. calusterize

    classic shoe?

    .. ouch those nikes are hot, but its gotta be converse, allstar baby!
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