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  1. skae squiggy


    Let me look for more....
  2. skae squiggy


    I don't know which one are fr8s and which are walls. Here we go. A lot more...
  3. skae squiggy


    Allright you pulled my leg. This guy is such an ass! When we both hang out it's even worse. And we are not sorry flow blowin up the yard. We just gotta get up.
  4. 21 Sigh Skape Some good ol writers.
  5. Haven't seen that one for a while. Good Post. Bump to big Worm-Stae-Aels-Ghouls-Pier-Days-Durt
  6. skae squiggy


    Apel is definately one of the coolest guys I know. Whenever I go visit Phoenix we get straight wasted and paint mad frieghts, then we go get our dicks sucked by black trannies on Van Buren. Ahh, that is the life.
  7. Just got out of jail again. It sucks when you get caught red handed scribing into downtown windows. I gotta lay off the vodka. Got some new flicks comin soon.
  8. http://www.pifiu.com/vortex/uploads/052004/elskae022.jpg'>
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