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skae squiggy

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  1. that's myk and my brother now. by.
  2. Myker and Now. Old ass Phel and 21.
  3. The Mac and Venk Old Prime and Weah Veks Revok Geso
  4. my boys... myk & soke... rockin.
  5. that one is Prime from houston sick post Dever rocks
  6. Apel...A2M...IZ...and 108.
  7. Dever< Heist< Apart< Pier<<<<<<<.
  8. Dr.Sex, Hour, Gasp, and Saye.
  10. navy8kemdietdimejomeaser.
  11. deverphablekaputporesmover.
  12. >Kape and The Mac< >Rime< >Elk< >Wyse< >Arys< >Resto< >Ensoe< >Broke< >Saze< >Learn< >Pars< >Adge< >Japan< And everybody else.
  13. Kape<Ich<Pusher<Navy8<5tel<<<<<<<<<<<<<<.
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