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  1. precisely. nature hates you people. get over it.
  2. this thread will really hit home tomorrow. asgejfenbrbkldf woooooooo. block parties ruuuule.
  3. which part of that don't you understand, tee? i never said this wasn't a valid ticket. i forgot how many fucking chumps just sit around on this site all day and talk out of their asses. christ. how fucking high school.. seriously, who lives off mommy and daddy, or suggests other people do? good luck Æ°.
  4. i'll make a decision on that when i find out how much the fine will be, and whether or not i'm elligible for traffic school. see, because right now i'm fighting a red light ticket i know i don't deserve. i may go to traffic school for that, which i believe would make me inelligible for a second round so soon. damn, with all the laws i break in my car, i get popped for the most insignifigant garbage. edit: i guess i should be happy for that.:scowl:
  5. yeah.. real sound advice. thanks, champ.
  6. i just got a ticket for not yielding to a pedestrian. fuck. i think they were trying to cross against a red or something, because i didn't even see them. it wasn't like i was going to run a biker over or anything, nobody was even remotely near me, AND i had a green light. shit. anyways, i'm a jackass and all that. i know, i should have seen them and yielded... i was just trying to get back to work. i should have skated. has anybody recieved a "failure to yield to a pedestrian" ticket before? anybody know the fine for such a ticket in CA? thanks.
  7. pretty sure it's meko, NR. i forgot to add: i just found a bunch of flicks from the mid 90's, so stay tuned.:zombie:
  8. "hey girl, you busy tonight?" -no "you want to get busy tonight?" *slap*
  9. as space ghost would say: boom! there ya go. watch the royal tenenbaums and adopt royal's need to "mix it up". do the opposite of what you'd normally do on a daily basis.. etc.
  10. dudebrooooo, you soooo need to go rev your car to like 12grand. or go out and shout something derogatory at the first pretty girl you see. or keep that book in your car so i can get it from you the next time you're up here.
  11. relationship words to live by. sadly, it's hard to do for this sappy bastard.;)
  12. damn. that one pic with all the bunnies standing around looking at him is rad. they look so concerned. the pics of him lying there sick are sad.. i hate to see that. reminds me of my chinchilla. there's nothing you can do, and it sucks. RIP
  13. that mustang looks hot. like not even "eh, it's decent for a ford" hot.. just downright sexy. ...and i can't believe we're getting the R-32. now VW needs to bring the polo TDi over and i'm set.
  14. hmmmm.. it seems like that thing would be a little unsafe. i mean, imagine you're going 70 and you hit a decent pothole or something with the left front tire. wouldn't you rebound, swing the other way and lose control? i'm thinking kinda like speed wobbles with a skateboard. i just think it'd go up on 2 wheels pretty easy, and coming back down without going the other way would be difficult. it looks awesome, and i'm sure it's stupid fast on the straights.
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