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  1. Whats all this chitter chatter about? The Bster's cool. I cant see the rest of the flicks. They are not showing up for me, more of my computer's fault. Therefore, I can not further comment.
  2. Setup's crazy! That ghost charater on the water tower sticks out too.
  3. Slug, Elk, Lewis, the naked chicks, Sigh, GS, Skem, and the talking tree.
  4. Nice, big, destructive, and grimey bubbly letters all over your state.
  5. ^One of the many dope walls in this thread.^
  6. Nice looking letters, and beautiful characters. What more can you ask for?
  7. Couldn't have said it better...
  8. I'll see what I can get. If anyone has any flicks of ERAZE, MEEK, PRAISE, LEEP, REVO, CANT, LUCKY, NEWS, REER, TRACE, DEZY, LAZY, FLEX, DICE, DEM'N, UNIKE, or TWISK....post them. :crazy:
  9. Maybe more tomorrow! http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2003/January/7/stamp_original/010720039001323.jpg'> http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2003/January/7/stamp_original/010720039001483.jpg'> http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2003/January/7/stamp_original/010720039150950.jpg'>
  10. Mas! http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2003/January/7/stamp_original/010720038582565.jpg'> Beno's final piece. http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2003/January/7/stamp_original/010720038582825.jpg'> http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2003/January/7/stamp_original/010720038582648.jpg'> http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2003/January/7/stamp_original/010720038582952.jpg'> http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2003/January/7/stamp_original/010720038583352.jpg'> http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2003/January/7/stamp_original/010720039000769.jpg'>
  11. If this does not work; then tell me, and ill run across I-95 nude. Banes old style is ill compaired to his new one. :) http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2003/January/7/stamp_original/010720038560516.jpg'> http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2003/January/7/stamp_original/010720038560729.jpg'> http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2003/January/7/stamp_original/010720038560024.jpg'> sorry its soo small :( (Bane & Mark if you cant tell.) http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/2003/January/7/stamp_original/010720038560251.jpg'> http://www.imgstudio.com/IMGphotos/20
  12. Sorry about that bro. Do you know any good photo service off the top of your head that work fine for any and everyone? I thought care2 would be fine. I guess I ended up wrong.
  13. http://dingo.care-mail.com/pictures/32/329/970/329708493.jpg'> http://dingo.care-mail.com/pictures/99/991/129/991294596.jpg'> http://dingo.care-mail.com/pictures/38/389/999/389994865.jpg'> http://dingo.care-mail.com/pictures/99/994/456/994567743.jpg'> http://dingo.care-mail.com/pictures/74/742/205/742052619.jpg'> Sefer http://dingo.care-mail.com/pictures/64/643/362/643629367.jpg'> Seger
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