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  1. most i ever had was 9, normallly i have 4 or 5
  2. damn... fuck the police is all i can say.
  3. ive never got caught painting or writing or anything like that... but im up on papers for somethin else. all i can say is that if your gonna go to court for anything, hire a lawyer if you can and try not to get probation. frequent piss tests, cant skip school, cant get in any other trouble cause youll automatically get locked back up, finally... you cant go bombing at night cause of curfew. there are ways around this shit no doubt... but it just sucks for the trouble
  4. MSP you cant fuck with REI, FORSE, Cense or especially exist for gettin mad ups. HD much respect also
  5. attn el masko you ever hit any of those shows up there... my man balla t hosted a few of them
  6. kwote!!!!!!! what a fiend... thats by metro cafe right????? i saw that shit and was like whoa
  7. yeah i catch mad boner in adams morgan / u street.
  8. is that a hot spot to hit???? that place is tight asfuck. you catch mad exist and warp rollers on the way in too.
  9. i dunno i just was bored and i stole that flick anywyas why is everyone have to be so ignorant
  10. http://home.dal.net/benny-ill/deadgraf.jpg'>
  11. illicon

    Gay writers?

    didnt you kids know that to drop the label toy, you have to be gay??????
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