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  1. http://pic6.picturetrail.com/VOL162/118211...71/27036656.jpg where did you catch this one? I caught it in Venice in october 2001..
  2. Re: As far as evolution goes... you are a fucking idiot. Europe is easily many steps ahead when it comes to doing things that break bounderies that US writers commonly put in place themselves. What is the new trend in graffiti in the US? Fucking Euro Styles..
  3. www.deskmap.com sells an awesome book that has all that you need.. its 80 bucks though.. Only would be worth it if you had a few people to throw down for it.. thats what we did at least. there are a ton of other ones out there, check out www.trainsmag.com and start working your way around the sites that sell shit.. or fuck, just buy a copy of trains magazine and you will see plenty of ads..
  4. there are lots of specific railroad maps/atlas' out there.. you have to turn to the side of railfanning though.. search around on websites involved with that stuff... I know that Ive gotten a free one from UP, CP, CSX and a few map books that I have paid dearly for..
  5. i dont know, there is something to be said for the old timers.. and you are correct that the war bonnet paint scheme is the finest ever.
  6. holy shit... in the aformentioned there is a picture of a nice streamlined santa fe engine going through a busy intersection in the 50's.. that shit is amazing.. its worth the 5.95 cover price..
  7. you all are idiots.. this post is pretty ok.. And that onorock doesnt suck.
  8. I dont know what it is, but something about the term "skullfucked" just sounds funny and not dangerous.
  9. never seen one on a train before, but bates from denmark did a wall with someone else that was phenomenal. It was in one of the old issues of scribble magazine..
  10. thanks for the awesome hat kabar. it surpassed all my expectations..
  11. I see where youre coming from kabar. I often times think that this whole "white minority" in prison is a harsh curve on our countries harsh past. I know that blaming the past on the present isnt exactly productive, nor does it show any answers, but I can feel the pain of a slave husband who had the possibility of not only getting his ass raped, but his wifes ass and then his childrens asses as well. While times are alot (but still not totally) different now, I can easily see prison as the "proving ground" for alot of this kind of shit.. Where history gets sorted out in one way or another. While it may have made your buddy a big racist and all that, imagine how many times a black guy gets a bad deal, wether its in the courts, or just on the street, and they have to keep on going, dealing with life as it comes.. I agree with you on the thug culture thing. I think that its a load of shit, and its pretty counterproductive, while music is one of the common grounds that crosses the boards on the thug level it is not a deciding factor on being a fucking idiot, I think that education pretty well decides that.. and i dont necessarily mean the kind you get in school, but the kind that keeps us alive, this is good, this is bad, this will result in this, etc.. with out that we are fucked.. Who knows where all this went, its a fresh and early tuesday at work and Im just getting to the part of the day where clarity works its way out.
  12. you sound a bit jaded on this one kabar.. nothing wrong with believing in equality.. while prision may make some people change their minds about stuff, not everyone comes out with a race based twist. Your quote of "getting turned out to three or four rap-singin' monsters in their cell, for a couple of cigarettes" seems like it can go both ways with big white bastards just as well as it can black guys.. dont get pissed because these kids have hope is what im trying to get across more than anything.
  13. kinkosnerd

    New Boxcars...

    The newest boxcars that Ive seen around here are these awesome new International Paper boxcars.. At least they have the International Paper logo on them.. they are a really nice green.. I saw an entire line of just them rolling last night.. but one weird thing.. while they have the IP logo on them, we see a lot of them layed up at a Tomato Sauce Plant.. guess they could be bringing packaging in with them or something, just seemed odd.. Good to see new rolling stock though.. Real good.
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