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  1. i think it would be pretty cool to meet any of you, for a expo or not. ive never met internet friends before. im as gitty as a school girl. i cannot contain myself. slap my ass and call me sally. lets do that shit up.
  2. i dont believe money equals happiness i dont believe money equals freedom i dont want the freedom of 40 hour workweek slavery to afford me the luxuries that i will lable my needs i dont believe in the american dream be young, have fun, live for yourself everything else you know was taught to you to keep you in line no gods. no managers.
  3. litebulb! finally an intelligent statement! there is hope in the scene!
  4. Re: PS awwww thanks! hey everyone i made a friend!!! today was the best day in my life. kind of ironic actually. the song that i wrote and posted... it was about this girl that ive been in love with for 3 years now. and we finally made out for the very first time today. dont fucking jinx it.
  5. what beez dead is dis thread. xxx
  6. nah nah nah nah nah guess what my girl said?? << you know who you look like? a young brad pitt. and take that as a compliment because he is oh so dreamy. hehehe hugs, devilush >> beat that frink. demo=king:king: xoxo
  7. girl interrupted is the best movie on the planet and winona ryder and angelina jolie are fucking beautiful.
  8. this shit is what im talking about!!! do you ever get the fucking goosebumps and shivers when a song is so powerful? i love that shit. what made this song better than ever was the closing scene in fight club when the credit card companies came crashing down. if i could take one event and have it be symbolic of me, it is that scene. if anyone read the osama didnt do it thread, you know what im talking about.
  9. wow thats fucking freaky. i did this post backwards. when i saw the topic, i immediatly hit 'new reply' and typed my shit. i didnt read what everyone else had wrote till after i wrote mine. its unbelievable how so many different people found the same songs and they meant enough to make it onto an internet list god knows how many years after we first heard them. obviously the bigger bands and the hits will show up, but even some underground stuff you have named are EXACTLY the same as my favorites. and i havent even met you people. thats cool. you dont have to be blood to be family - throwdown 12oz fo LIFE :king: XrepresentX
  10. re: frink when i have tried in the past i cut myself pretty deep, but not deep enough i guess. i bleed for a few hours but it didnt kill me, and i was too afraid of going to the hospital. i guess i could have just kept going deeper and deeper, but you get to this weird numb mindset that i cant explain. then i just passed out. ...so you wake up and pull your collar up to face the cold again. pray it was all a dream maybe. i dunno. i guess im just weak. goddamn this voice in my head-- nin
  11. META

    girl problem

    one more thing did you ever think to talk to HER about this? put all your cards on the table, man. best of luck.
  12. META

    girl problem

    id say go for it. youll always get hurt in relationships, but most of the time the good is worth the bad. do what you got to do. no regrets.
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