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  1. i actually know that girl in the horns and i know that she's a ho. so i bet you could hit it. go for it "buddy"
  2. Re: Re: most of em r pretty fucken ugly but here they are especially the redhead..that chick is criminally ugly but the plus side is they're all really ugly so they're probably sluts.and if you're into sluts you can buy a cheap handle of mccormicks and have sex with them without the blackmail
  3. my painting party posse!!! word!!
  4. i just had a corona and it was not that great..but i am going to have another but that 64 oz OE is cool..but more just to look at.drinking tha much OE would be disgusting. pabst on the other hand..
  5. its the daiquiri factory where niggas look after me.... http://www.andrenickitina.com/daiquiri.jpg'>
  6. all those cars are gay buy an el camino
  7. man i love that show why did they take it off the air the retard episode was the best
  8. so then what seperates a "neo yuppie" from a regular yuppie? the belief that they are not yuppies? youth? listenng to eminem? i'm confused tyler define what you mean by neo yuppie
  9. more imporantly. these people suck because they are driving rent throuh the fucking roof. if you live in any ajor city you know that theres all these fucks that suddenly decide that they want to live in the city because they just figured out that it's easier than driving for an hour on the freeway everyday. so they move downtown where previously normal working class people lived, but they can't handle that, even though most people living around them are nice law abiding citizens, living in tthe city means there will be some noise/crime/dirt. so they fucking complain and complain and they have the money to back it up so before you know it every place has some stupid fucking name like franklin palms or something gay and gated parking and a little gym and a pool that is to small for any practical use but it's just there because iit strokes their pre faded egos. and all this leaves people like me having to pay 7 or 800 dollars a month for a fucking one bedrm in some building that is only worth 800 because it doesn't cost 1000 bucks or more like the one bedroom up the block in the aforementioned building, and then to top it all off i have to see these cocksuckers looking at me like i'm crazy when i'm walking from getting my forty at the store while they sit there in all these stupid new "hip" cafes that have sprung up since they moved here and eating their 8 dollar cheesburger that comes with a side salad not fries (thats extra) and talking on their cellphones and then running off to their 2002 beetles still on the phone so that they can run a red light, almost hit me on my bike, and then go to some stupid club to dance to house music and all of this happens while wearing stupid pre faded diesel jeans so yeah those jeans suck
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and the lightail in denver, post fix of that
  11. yeah props.i just rode mine from denver to la.it was awesome, anybody can do it. everyone should
  12. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ your name is incredibly similar to mine do i know you? maybe we should hang out
  13. some people rule with a S some people rule with a Z i'd have to ay that east rulez! emit and east definitely had a big influence on all of us in colorado from the mid 90's till now radcal
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