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  1. Maybe they dont want to have to pay for more security to pat fools down trying to bring heat for anyone lookin at them and not the movie shit think brotha
  2. alot of this shit is cracking me up and reminding me of some good apartment memories....im still stumped why most say leave a pile a shit when its messier to throw it...
  3. that makes alot of sense when he didnt mention anyones business... funny how everyone can hate eachother and juss make up a reason.. yea fuck asiquan for not buying a bike off me shittttt
  4. I DONT EVEN KNOW WHO THIS DUDE IS, BUT,,, TIGHTEST SHIT I SEEN ON HUURR IN A LONG TIME. :king: Quoted post [/b] That would be demos from nwk probally one of the sickest crews to get down on rollers too...
  5. yams diggin dont let this thread fall off again
  6. i really try not to get in this cause i never hated the kid but name droppin is old news....jaber told me to tell you that
  7. I believe that shit got dissed a long time ago while he was still alive. But don't hold me to it. Sooner or later it will all go :o( However, there is a preserved piece of his in Tacoma. Quoted post well..actually it is new. but its not by who you think it is. its obviously someone who doesnt know better. Im thinking about just fixing it and putting a scroll next to it saying whats up...maybe it would be respected then. Quoted post [/b] what the hell are you talking about?? anything he had done is atleast two years old. someone should fix his two pieces burning down at the underworld but no one will take the intitive liek they did to fix the one in tacoma. no diss respect but this psot jus made no sense
  8. uhh i unno if i flicked it i honestly dont know which oen youre talking about
  9. Might as well and try to keep this ish alive keep em coming....
  10. i love cheese click the damn url cause City Slums on wanted lists and shit be like what i said foo you need jesus he continues to convert little boy junior to judism and im like playa play on and oh shit it was wow....did i mention not to do drugs? this page is going down hill already ill be back soon with a few flicks peace if i remember right..
  11. shit nikkas dont be knowing...oh yea nice to see some flicks on this thread peace drunk and yeaa
  12. bump for another TCS update...and oh yea those flicks up thurrr
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