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the leech

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  1. oh yes, that jets is the junk. roll out...
  2. oh my god!! you were drooling too!! that is soooo cool...i'm not alone in this world.
  3. the leech


    z rollers son. you can't fuck with the coper/lapper combo on some nice pvc coping. wouldn't want to mess up those trucks now. what. don't make me bust out my rip grip cause this nosebone just ain't cutting it and i got a rip in my fingerless 2tone smith gloves.
  4. the leech


    yes, chase was definetly rocking some nice funk back then and some.
  5. the leech

    EWOK hm

    i like my metal heavy. save that other shit for the roller rink.
  6. yes those are quite nice. they get around too.
  7. high is fresh. i mean, yeah, high is fresh.
  8. step away from the balls. your sucking them raw, you little sluts.
  9. no but, i caught one of those new white sante fe's with the ice graphic across the top and found myself drooling like a newborn.
  10. this is an interesting issue.i've seen plenty of kids come and go in my days and one thing i've noticed is that the newjacks always, ALWAYS start up silly little crews almost immediately. it's the art of imitation and it's a really strange sort of need to belong that i've never been able to fully grasp even when i myself was involved. what the hell am i trying to say here...i've pushed one such crew when i started that died out after a few years, as they most often do, for various reasons. in more recent years i got down with another who are tight skillswise but, lacked the brotherly aspect of what i believe a crew to genuinely represent. i'ts funny because the later is/was much more respected to the outsider but, within, it ceased to really be a crew but, rather an attachment at the end of my moniker. this ultimately is what lead to my exit. looking back, that first silly little crew was just that, a crew. we didn't care about so-and-so or anything else for that matter, just destruction and each other. i've never found that since and don't expect to ever again. don't get me wrong, i've got much respect for the people i get up with these days and most of them have a name for themselves and push "known" fr8 crews. as i've gotten older i guess i've lost some of that innocence of wanting to belong. perhaps i will end up pushing others but, i don't think it will ever compare. ok, now i'll go vomit.
  11. haaaaaaaaa, your killing me. that just woke me up.
  12. the leech

    Gay writers?

    haaaaa, i just recently heard that being gay is the newest trend with the newjacks due to a certain respected bomber coming out. soon they'll be rocking girly t's with those highwaters. fresh............
  13. the leech


    sorry, i'm gonna sound like a dick here and well, i guess i am but..............take up golf or bowling or something. call me old fashioned but, i just think some things you should be schooled in by people you know and not random strangers on the internet. i'ts just become way to easy i suppose. just log on and surf dude. try looking at this thing as an entertainment device and not as some sort of graffiti how-to manual. ok, enough of my bitching.
  14. the leech

    spotted 38

    dense-upfe gaso,tloks?,dut-upfe dime hollow ugly hollow wyse-rbox? wild throwie
  15. you can find some layups but, nothing special. if you really want to, follow the tracks from the shipping port . fuck it, kill the streets. tampa needs it. and blow up ybor city while your there. no seriously...
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