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  1. Okay....im on a trip in Argentina where prostitution flourishes. Im feeling very lonely and would rather enjoy the company of a woman. Im sitting in the apartment where im staying and my friend feels like doing nothing...Those god damn beautiful argentinian nights were getting to me, I had to do something. So I get dressed up nice and head out with the intentions of finding myself some comfort in the arms of a woman. Walking down the streets I take in the cold air and the lights from the city. I kind of knew where the strip bars were so I headed that way and came to the front of one where a
  2. I want love but its impossible, a man like me so irresponsible, a man like who's dead in places other mean feel liberated......
  3. weezer-why bother "i know i should get close to you, you got a look that makes me think you're cool, but its just sexual attraction so I better keep on whackinggggg........."
  4. From where i do my job I hit on cashiers all day long and make dates with them so they can stand me up(twice). Then I become infatuated with a 26 year old chick from Uruguay one that kind of flirts with me. Then theres the half black half puerto rican one i went out with a couple of times but it led to nothing. Then theres the one from belize that I hung out with a couple of times but nothing happened. Then theres the 28 year old married French one that reported me to the manager on sexual harassment complaints. Then theres the 56 year old gay crippled pedophile that always tries to make dates
  5. maybe your friends shouldnt do stupid shit like graffiti and drugs and they wouldnt be in problems...it seems to me that we are the creaters of the excess shit that surrounds us, I mean life does hand shit but we make it worse. Lets stop this nonsense I mean turn to God, the lord jesus christ, even though its nonsense. Just lead yourself into blind faith so youll be a better person in other peoples eyes.
  6. im wearing a hot ass armani exchange shirt, tight as fuck to show off my pectorals and my sexy ass arms, and my sexy delts. some tight american eagle outfitters boot cut jeans that show off my ass and some low top nice timberlands to accentuate the proportion of my feet to the rest of my body. and this is just to go to the store to get some groceries.
  7. focus.concentrate.prioritize. remember why you are there and what you are gonna get out of it. fuck smoking. come out victorious....
  8. hey fox what do you think was the reason for the "let down"? Pressure to perform well? if so just try and relax and focus on having fun and dont be so nervous about "letting her down"....maybe it was the mixture of all the substances that you were under? if so try and lay off em...chozer is definitely right when he says to get off that white cause that shit will only turn you to mush...let me know what your perspective is on why this happened...peace
  9. Re: Good Call on the Cultural Conflict angle^^^ I enjoy this persons perspective...very true....anyways i cant actually understand your situation since im not in it and i dont have to live it on a daily routine....i know that leaving home seems like a very enticing option( supposed unlimited freedom from everything) but like the man above said your freedom will turn out to be slavery just to maintain...I suggest you stay home and learn how to manage so you can stay in school because it will pay off in the long run...as for how to manage with your father i think you are going to have t
  10. who is that first pic of the bridge of? do you have a close up of it?
  11. ehn http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00269360f00000048.jpg'> ehn http://www.fotango.com/p/eba00269360f00000047.jpg'>
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