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  1. Pape_Garage

    laws crew

    Whoa, daim does 3d pieces? :D
  2. Pape_Garage


    he and aeon would get along just fine
  3. the internet-crew illness never ceases to amaze me. Go fhtw.
  4. http://www.graffiti.org/trains/hybrid.jpg'>
  5. Right, and making stupid computer-generated "fhtw" robots and what not isn't a waste of time? Whether or not my crew is "floating around" the us has no effect on the stupidity of fhtw, does it now? And I'm not even going to name drop. I just think it's funny how fhtw's central base is a website. Fuck you.
  6. hey, let's promote our internet crew on a website! Great idea, guys! That robot is supergay.
  7. this is the stupidest thing ever.
  8. Bump for that homewood spot- It's EXTREME, knamean?
  9. Why not expose some biters? http://www.igraff.com/counter/flicks/9deemone.jpg'> Original http://www.igraff.com/counter/flicks/bite2.jpg'> The biter (he even gives props to the person he bit) http://www.igraff.com/counter/flicks/9sec2.jpg'> The original http://www.igraff.com/counter/flicks/bite1.jpg'> The Biter (owch!!!) http://freephoto-i.net/users/Egg%20Man/eyespy.jpg'> The original http://im1.shutterfly.com/procserv/47b1cc37b3127cce9c5572a44caa0000003410'> Biter (defy)
  10. In the Ryan from Florida card, it says cancer in the upper right-hand corner. I guess it's his zodiac sign, but I swear he looks like he's gone through kemo or something.
  11. For having writen for a small ammount of time, das isn't bad. He just resembles diar a lot.
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