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  1. I remember when ZF and 3BM were starting out, and KAS too. I went painting with them( ZF KAS ) early on. REJK and DSTRS were talking about how they were going to start bombing hard and next time I came back they were done already, and shit was bombed pretty hard. 3Bm hooked it up, i saw AFTER up in Berkely and his tags in Santa Cruz. I was stoked when the ZFers saw a rooftop of mine in Northern Cali. What people don't seem to realize is that D4A TRU VM were doing throwies all over Honolulu area before 3BM or ZF ever existed.GEZU TERA NIPLE CEAS were all pretty solid. HJG started bustin that shit over here for a little while in 95-96 along with DSK, but then a bunch of us ended up leaving to Cali and shit was more scattered. SLICK is down as fuck! I lived in LA for a while, I know what's up. Never knew he was from here though. Thanx, I always like a new history lesson, I could give quite a few myself. 13 pillars in a row on Nimitz, good job LF. JRUNC and SPUM still got everyone beat for bombing in 2001. There's a fucking bad asssss ODBAL piece in the Kapolei gutter( that's REJK ) Burns a lot of shit around here. Good Day! REST IN PEACE TEEJAY ONE, WEROE ONE, RYAN- we still remember OERA HJG UK
  2. OK OK<, it's right by the stadium, the big overpass at the Halawa interchange. I probably shouldn't be saying this, but fuck it. It'll probably get buffed now.
  3. Now somebody needs to put some LE GUN stuff up on here. Does anyone know what's up with the Hawaii graff site? I saw that thread a while back, is it on yet? If not, does anyone know anything about it. Tropical Cancer was a good one, I dunno what happened with that, but I'd like to get my hands on some of the flicks they had on there. They had some of my old ones. Also, I'd like to get in touch with the Hawaiian Knights guy, I know he has some good old ones of mine. If anyone has old HJG pictures I got good shit to trade. I'm trying to get some of the really old ones, between 1993 and 1998 I never took any pictures, and I regret it. So if you got 'em, hook it up!
  4. Most of those were done this year. The bus is a couple years old, it was right on Kam highway in Kahuku. The train was done right outside of the city of Sante Fe, believe it or not. I did about six or seven that day, but for some reason my friend chose that flick among much better trains of mine, from that day. Whatever though, I've got at least 20 trains running, mostly in the northwest, one whole car from '98 is still around. The one of 3 HJGs in a row is a bomb from SF this year, we went and did a little bombing for two days, then some piecing in Humboldt County. thanks for the positive replys, I never thought they'd come. And the last one is VERY visible from the H-1. I don't want to get too specific though. And, by the way, theres a nice SELO piece next to it. Let's all just quit with the shit talk and cocentrate on the art and the destruction. ROCK ON.
  5. I knew you saw it because I saw the old post when you put the other picture up. That was pretty gay of you, but we can forget about all that. When I saw that post I drove down there because I thought for sure you went over the Buddha piece. I was suprised you hadn't. I had just gone over your shit in retalliation, in the Keolu ditch. What was all the problems about to begin with? I was just pissed cause you started going over my landmarks. I have no idea why you were doing it. Anyway, it's cool now, but I still have a few spots to reclaim. So don't let it get to you when I take them back, I 'm not trying to start anything, it's just that those are my landmarks. Thanks again for the computer help. Peace RECK. OERA HJG UK
  6. i thought reck was the only one that saw that buddha piece, it's gone now.
  7. thanks man, I really suck at computers. what do you write? Deso is my guess, because i only thought reck saw that shit. thanks again. peace
  8. Until those work, if you're interested, there are a few HJG pictures on yourphotos.com, the album name is hjg. Those are a few old ones and a few newer ones. My friend tried to put em up here but he couldn't figure it out. I did all of it except the letters on the bus and the dark blue one with the pink outline. Check it out.
  9. I guess I should comment on the sketch while I'm here. It looks pretty good, the first "E" is a little off balance( top looks too big 4 the bottom). I think it would look better with a shadow, and the opposite colors thing is a good idea. Sorry if I offended anybody, I just don't think much of graffiti unless it's on a wall, preferably illegal. Legal walls are nice practice but..................I'm not going ramble, 'cause I can really ramble.
  10. the "MORONS" thing had me confused
  11. My point is that freestyles are the essence of graffiti, not trying to start shit, just a misunderstanding. OERA HJG UK
  12. try again because I REALLY want to see OERA
  13. i like spum's work. hectic spots, best spots i've seen in state. mass credito homes.
  14. 4 everyone that keeps telling people to "post your flicks if you're so good" this is the last time i'm going to say it, we're not all rich little kids that live with our mommy and daddy. got it? if i can ever post, i will. the bean piece is pretty solid as a whole picture, but yes, i agree the letters could use a little work. actually, only the A looks weird. pretty solid though. OERA HJG UK>>>> rest in peace TEEJAY ONE HJG UK, WEROE ONE S4L FC AF. that's AF outta Los Angeles "Always Fiending" good day.
  15. platapuss why don't i come to your house and post flicks. idon't have a scanner or a computer. i do have 2 bottles, 1 of champagne and one of ky jelly. so are you really down you thexy boy you?:crazy: it's only a joke dude, just like these hawaii threads:rolleyes:
  16. right on trAmple, someone is finally on my level. stay up.
  17. i'm talking about whoever what i said applies to. if it aint you don't worry about it. you have to admit though, some people are up on this site a lot more than they are in real life. you and i both know it, and those who i'm referring to know it. while i'm here, what happened to anek? did he get busted on that roof on harding? it was unfinished and i haven't seen anything new since. just curious.
  18. oh, i almost forgot aserine. theres nothing wrong with freestyle if youre a good writer. in fact, id say it shows skill and talent. to think of and execute a fresh burner on the spot and under pressure takes more skill than copying a drawing that you did at your mom's house and hung on the refridgerator. if that's all you can do than you should bring cardboard when you paint so u can make your lines straight. might as well bring a graff mag so u can bite styles on the spot. or bring your friend that used to draw comic book characters so he can draw u some characters. or your friend thats good at graff so he can touch up your piece for u. in fact, if u have to look at a sketch every time you paint u should move to LA where you can copy graff str8 off the wall u paint on. i used to bring sketches with me sometimes, when i was about 13 or 14 years old. if u get stopped by the cops, show 'em your sketch and tell them how pretty it 'll be when u finish. surely they will see what a great artist u are and let u go. they can't consider sketchesn as evidence anyway, can they?:rolleyes:
  19. For braddah Kimo, I think you got the wrong guy. For platapuss, I'm a friendly hippie that likes flowers, bob dylan, dead kennedys and blackalicious. I also like romantic candle light dinners and long walks on the beach. wanna hump? later dude!
  20. Hey Little, I have nothing against you personally, but you best quit talkin shit to SELO or you're bound to get some beatings. Keep it to yourself, you're much better off that way. And yes, he knows who you are, and yes he could lick you, boy. The MEAN ONIT OZMOSES KATCH were solid. REST and BIBLE too, but you all jock them way too hard. In Cali, where they're from, good piecers come a dime a dozen. SELO who also comes to us from Cali, is also a sick piecer. If you haven't seen any, that's your problem, you should pay more attention when you're on the freeway. Just don't forget to watch the road.
  21. Oh yeah, talk is very cheap. Actions speak louder than words. A lot of mother fuckers only have fame on computers. They need to shut their digital traps and prove themselves to be what they claim. If I was a rich kid with a scanner, computer and digital camera, I could be famous on the computer too. Peace!
  22. SUGAR yes HJG's members do have names. there are 4 active writers in the crew, AZER, NARK, URBAL, and OERA. because of legal problems the 2 members still bombing in hawaii choose not to write their names while in state. the third, who lives here, only does pieces, very infrequently, and they usually say REWIND. NARK is living in Seattle and bombs name and crew. As far as getting busted goes, worry about yourself 'cause my crew will be busting fresh bombs and pieces well into the 21st century. Anyone that's been around for more than 4 years ought to know we used to bust names. Catch my bombs in SF, LA, NEW ORLEANS, BOULDER; SANTA FE, SEATTLE, PORTLAND or HUMBOLDT COUNTY and you will see a name. HJG, 1992-infinity.REST IN PEACE- TEEJAY, RYAN, WEROE> We miss you guys.
  23. KATCH is bad ass, arguably the best writer to ever come out of our state, but I'd like to see some old work from DEK HJG AN VM etc. Tropical cancer used to have some really good ones, what happened to that? Does anyone know what's up with the new hawaii graff site? Anyway, post more old stuff, I've got some old goodies but I don't have a scanner and I suck at computers. If you've got any of those crews that I mentioned please post them. Thanks
  24. it just links to the front page.you need to give a search name.please do, i want to see it.
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