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  1. dogface

    Sento - TFP

    found some more rad shit when i went out yesterday. that last pic is ill, dont know how this thread ends up on the 4th page.
  2. we're talking about legitimate legal crops. you guys are queefs. if you can build a case off of a handful of weed pictures from a legal crop in cali, you should probably be a fed yourself.in california, with a scrip, you can grow 99 plants and carry 19 pounds(more with the right paperwork). thats legal. people who surpass the legal limit are subject to federal prosecution. but they cant arrest anyone for a few photos. these are my fucking vacation pictures you anal fucks, get over it. people in cali gow a lot of dope, everyone already knows, no big secret. check my other threads, i like to photograph weed when i go to cali. i vacation in cali for three things-weed, trains, snow. haters fuck yourselves.
  3. you guys are just paranoid and salty. that shits legal in cali, when i visit thats what i see people doing. i think its fun pictures to look at. if you dont like it, go fuck yourself.
  4. weed walls and trains from my usual stomping grounds
  5. what the fuck does any of this douchery have to do with hawaii? pure gayness.
  6. and everywhere he went for those 5 or so years. atlanta, nashville, la, sf....those bridges were some of the best graffiti ever done in my opinion. 97-02
  7. some had dope background shots too. nice sidebusts.
  8. naturally. that guy is the best. i've got a big head start and i still cant keep up with asalt.
  9. two round swoops and its an atlas bite? check the letter shapes dipshit. dude hasnt seen more than a handful of graff pics in the last 6 years. go fuck yourself.
  10. what you write? bumbai i stick my name on top yours.
  11. little sneak peek suck it haters!
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