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  1. That my friends is the elusive kool aide pickle. It looks looks shit, smells like shit, taste like shit and all for one shitty price....99cents!
  2. Samuel L. hard up for 98cents. Yo what the fuck Hahahaha
  3. yeah yeah....hand styles! thanks zek!
  4. Mako


    Oh Shit no lube on that one!
  5. Mako


    Uh oh shes a keeper. Ide marry her!
  6. Mako

    Break Yoself!

    Break yourself off a piece of kit-kat and share with a friend.
  7. Mako

    Wash DC

    I told this lady today Me: "bump" Her: "bump what" Me: "bump these nuts in your mouth" Us: Ha ha ha
  8. jimmy hoffas in a sports guys urine sample.
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