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  1. crazy.. those pics are awesome... you guys must have had a fun time ! I love Canada !! see ya in December.. =) bubye hi to ben1
  2. excuse me?!?! I really do NOT understand ur question.. WHY Cant I make a tshirt sketch? I already got this sketch on a shirt.. why is that a problem ?! geez..
  3. thx thanx vlad but not everyone thinks so..
  4. ahh yeah right, well those are older sketches and why should i give it up.. i did 8 walls, not more.. so whut is the problem here ?!?!
  5. 6th one MARCH 2002 http://www.arcor.de/palb/alben/40/3561240/3165383965623466.jpg'> and a tshirt-sketch like..half a year ago (SEE: i cant do charies..)hehe.. http://www.arcor.de/palb/alben/40/3561240/6435343136393536.jpg'>
  6. REPLIES... QUOTE: no offense, but if that is your fifth piece, then it just goes to show what an unskilled hand and some 'fancy' euro paint can do. id like to see you do it in rusto. WELL..I've been to Canada when I only did 3 pieces on a wall..and I was standing in front of this freight and used Krylon the very first time, you can definitely tell that this was different than our Belton Molotow Cans..It was crazy but the people said I did better than some homies, DAMN i cant do anyting against that, can I?! But Hey, I really respect the NorthAmerican people because I think indeed that most of our cans are more advanced than urs..just believe it with the 5th piece. and yeah theres MAILORDER and I saw lots of Montana Cans when I was in Vancouver. But way too expensive. QUOTE: There's no way that's your 5th peice. The style is way too developed, and you even have your bar straight for the most part. And 8 peices? Already painting with Big DAre... Kay, I already said that I really take my time when I paint and go over my lines if I have to, I dont have the best hand control and i always have a sketch with me,cant do it freestyle yet..of course! And before I go to a wall I sketch the same sketch like 3 or 4 times that I kind of get it in my mind whut i'm going to paint.. And with dare..if people get along, why cant a beginner paint with a 'king'..? Some very good artists like dare are not that selfish and try to encourage younger writers..think about it... QUOTE: you suck, but at least u met dare.. Thats so sad.. but to let u know it was an awesome exprience meeting oldschoolers and get to know their point of view. QUOTE: I personally like the american dare better especially his new stuff...but hey! And whats up with those leaf stencils???? WHO is the American Dare? Can you post some stuff here? And I always use my stencil in my pieces..Its a good idea and I try to tell people in Germany that Canada doesnt exist only out of RockyMountains and Forests...cause thats whut people think, that Canada is boring etc. I mean when I was there last winter, I really enjoyed it cause people are much nicer, in the graff-scene as well..! And the graff is different, but awesome. OKIDOKE.. I hope nobody beefs around ..I like to communicate with people u know, because I just posted some stuff and I thought that it wont be a problem..and the people that like my stuff...i really apprecciate that because I am not convinced of my graffiti.. (sorry, i probably made some mistakes..my english sux sometimes..) bubye.. Niner..wEiRone..
  7. jesus...explanation : thats whut people say JUST because I'm female, eh?! Sorry but its true! That is my 5th piece on a wall, seriously. (before i painted walls i did like..5things illegal..not a lot! Then I started walls right away, and I only did 8 walls yet) I just take the time I need while I paint and I try my best, I have to go over some lines of course, so why cant I paint this ? I did, believe it or not..! thanx anyways.. i know its kinda 'hard' to believe.. just do it..(believe)
  8. 5th one.. my 5th piece.. it sux but the whole wall looks good..colorful !! =)) http://www.arcor.de/palb/alben/40/3561240/6366356430353564.jpg'>
  9. my 7th piece....production asihe, serm, weir, slide & phiak in my hometown..Hannover/Germany. http://www.arcor.de/palb/alben/40/3561240/3132393962666461.jpg'> Mai 02
  10. aighty okidoke.. recent sketch : http://www.arcor.de/palb/alben/40/3561240/3064356432393564.jpg'>
  11. http://www.arcor.de/palb/alben/40/3561240/3866643137343537.jpg'> dare&me in Itzehoe..Germany...June 2002
  12. damn.. http://www.rocking-colors.com/photos/sp0003.jpg'> now its works... thats so weird! (from upload pages it doesnt word..) oh well..
  13. yes, ur absolutely right. thanx for visiting our website, catwash. whut did i do wrong with my posts? Because the pic u posted is in the thread... when i try that it only shows the link.. can u tell me ?!
  14. ??? http://us.f1.yahoofs.com/users/b3f84035/bc/graffiti/__hr_sketches.jpg?bcbwvO9A1lu4Ypbn'> why does it just show the LINK ?? I want the picture to be in here... damn.. anybody knows whut i do wrong? months ago it worked... bubye and dont forget to check www.ROCKiNG-COLORS.com !!
  15. ...i am european..germany. Well, if you go on http://www.rocking-colors.com (a website I own with a friend) you'll see a a couple of pieces..but I only painted 8 walls yet.. I have a thread here where I posted a piece I painted with dare.. I have a question, WHERE can I upload pictures, because when I try to post them here, they dont show up, only the link..that sux..u guys know whut I can do ?! Or do I have to type anything in front of the link ?!?! please help..i will post my pieces then, aighty. bubye..
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