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  1. daaaamn The only end to end I ever did....where did you catch these?
  2. upstate styles...some were from packages...pure used to hook me up with a lot of stuff...
  3. Lame too bad that first bunch were all stolen from my old website...shame on you.
  4. ha... yo stole that det and 21rak from my old website ya hoser!
  5. http://www.unmanaged.net/~fr8isms/aug1602/task.jpg'> These two are fucking SIIIIIIIICK. That boxcar has amazing character.
  6. not done yet...but... http://www.inter-sense.com/matt/tat2.jpg'> it reads "Family"
  7. wow.. that whole car fucking RULES...just cuz its a hot wheels parody.
  8. word.. yeah, paint pens....its small....it says Woar.
  9. no different... graff on canvas is no different than graff on paper unless that canvas was hangin on a wall inside an art gallery.
  10. http://www.inter-sense.com/matt/canvas.jpg'> lets hear it....
  11. Not the best...but a few from the past couple weeks or so. http://www.inter-sense.com/matt/graff/bear.jpg'> http://www.inter-sense.com/matt/graff/celf.jpg'> http://www.inter-sense.com/matt/graff/cust.jpg'> http://www.inter-sense.com/matt/graff/nero_nova.jpg'> http://www.inter-sense.com/matt/graff/sept.jpg'> http://www.inter-sense.com/matt/graff/shot_apart.jpg'> http://www.inter-sense.com/matt/graff/unknown_sneiz.jpg'> http://www.inter-sense.com/matt/graff/woar.jpg'>
  12. hahaha thats what i meant....on the same side as germ, just the other panel. that shit was horrible...one of my first trains.
  13. hey! what about that piece on the other side of that box with the germ on it?!?! was that not GOOD enough for you to photograph??? hahaha...boy i sucked back then.
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