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anger inside

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  1. i am officially renaming this thread "strictly crap".
  2. bling fuckin bling. tits crew rockin'
  3. that's cool child painted a dragon from the pern books. that apex piece is blingin too.
  4. man this guy is completely sick. dope stuff. if i ever visit the UK i'd like to paint with this dude.
  5. i'm guessing biter....was this on a railbox?
  6. i like the top scan's because they look like sea creatures.... the bottom ones start to suck though.
  7. *barf* that kid on the golden west flat better hope i don't catch it in my yard. i see that as a clean train.
  8. bump for Always Incrementing The Body Kount....hey bevis wait till i get my net access back and i'll post some mo-betta flix of this stuff.
  9. dest, next, skaip....and ouija has an interesting style for avoiding the numbers....heheh
  10. yup yup...i think they know japan and are from southern cali. although i know a few years back there was an upstart AI crew from DC. we'd crush them like little bugs though. BRING IT ON SUCKERS.
  11. anger inside


    you mean you're still looking at them? i usually just ignore them all now. pointless. variety is the spice of life.
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