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  2. Erotica I feel unwashed and unloved so therefore i'll go shower then stick my head in the SAND, (NOT SAND Acid Writers circa 80s # 1 line) BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ;)
  3. It's fucked up about REO and Ewok. They had slammin pieces for real. Hey Erotica could you come around the way and rub some ointment on my Poison Ivy :) lol i'm trippin.
  4. Yeah and if your a dick like me and get up to the Jam late have to go above someone remember there's poison Ivy up there and i got a good case of it. :( LOL Itchy Itchy Scratchy Woe is MOI
  5. Ok gentlemen the replys are getting better I dare say. Witty and intelligent go hand in hand it seems.
  6. Ahh that was a test to see how awake you are. You passed, now lets have a pint. Oh yes and um i'm married so i'm undersexed and always horny lol ;) Just wanted to clear that up....... So far the quality of responses are hummm, can you say Wack... Oh well I guess it's not important. Peace Love and you know the rest
  7. It's pretty basic Alt. I'm wondering if you've seen, in your extensive travels or around your way perhaps, stickers that have something other then just a tag and who he/she is reppin on it. Or if your like me and grew up in the NYC area in the 80's, remember seeing up those individuals that used to rock that kinda stuff on stickers either in the trains or elsewhere....Are we clear now? I hope so. Peace Love and Deodorant
  8. Hey kiddies I'm wondering if anyone here remembers a time when stickers had the writers name and a little witty saying on it for example: so and so and then "got more juice then tropicana" written on the sticker itself?? One writer that cums to mind is of course "Pete or as refered to at the time (80's) Sticker King Pete." If ne of you goons or goonettes have any other writers in mind please contribute. Not only the writer but what he/she said. Peace Love and Deodorant
  9. My parental units ahhh bless them lord for they do not know what they do, thought it was a teenage fad for me. OHHH how wrong they were. I'm far from a teenager now. Peace love and mindless fads that turn into Tough Habits to Break
  10. Yup Uprocker but Alas Tis so true............. Peace Love and Deoderant
  11. I started using KRINK and think it bumps. The Drips are fresh and it's nice an shiney especially on rusty old surfaces. I think he's comming out with some black ones too soon. That's gonna bump as well. Peace Love and Deodorant
  12. Pone156tfo


    What in the Sam hill is this Thread about? Please enlighten. Peace Love and Deodorant
  13. Well I find some truth in your story Mafia because the budget for paint of a third grader is about 94 cents give or take. LOL
  14. I guess if your are articulate with words and prose as he was you can get away with smelly underarms and moldy ass bread. And besides people back then thought bathing was unhealthy anyway so they were used to funky ass aromas. DEODORANT DEODORANT My Kingdom for some Deodorant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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