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  1. Cool, no worries but I think even IMDB got it wrong: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0177262/quotes
  2. ZEPHYR: The arrow... everybody's got their own arrow, I like that though. Various arrow, some guys had add on letter arrow that was like connection. Some people had different arrows just going right through their pieces. all borrowed
  3. Stole and some old, but timeless steez all the same
  4. Pilfered, misappropriated, knicked, knocked off, racked, pocketed, 5-finger discounted, boosted....stolen: ..and most likely reposted
  5. Nah it looks real. It's just painted on a train mock-up and is very sharp
  6. read half-way down.. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/surfer-knocked-unconscious-as-10metre-whale-tosses-bondi-boarders-with-its-tail-20130707-2pjn5.html
  7. Second last one on the Golden Gate bridge is fake. That Ozie shit is real
  8. http://www.thesaid.net/news/train-driver-caught-masturbating-during-delay/
  9. To protect and serve.. "Lozito used a single leg takedown that he had learned from watching the UFC, he then disarmed and subdued Gelman and it was only then after Gelman had been subdued that the two transit officers emerged from the cab of the train to arrest Gelman but proceeded to claim that they were the ones who subdued him." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maksim_Gelman
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