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  1. No...can't say that I have.
  2. Is that like the ointment you put on sore muscles?
  3. BoB.1


    First, you have to be true to self. Everything has multiple levels and angles, even patriotism. I can understand people putting up their flags and whatnot...but, blindly following the government? That's like the little rodent whateverthefucks that follow one after the other of a cliff.
  4. I thought that was because Mario 2 was a dream...I think.
  5. BoB.1


    HAHA...He's getting his prosthetic flex on.
  6. Personally, I think all this mess is a bunch of crap. However, all these negative actions will inevitably and hopefully lead to positive reactions...maybe everyone will see how fuck up the worlds getting before there's nothing left to fight for...
  7. I would be able to give people a bladder infection and an unquenchable thirst.
  8. God damned tele-marketers.....
  9. What the hell's going on again?
  10. Thank you Cartoon Network... I like watching Aquaman get his groove on. Space Ghost and Sealab are damn funny.
  11. Gung Fu Gangsta Pimp Style Can I be down, too?:confused:
  12. Being "nice" gets you nowhere fast "There ain't nothing wrong with gettin' your bubble on....but, too much bubblin' will make you fizz quicker."
  13. Good ole' Flutie Flakes... :D
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