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  1. i am a cross between rob zombie and the lead singer dude from static-x i wear a black hoodie ,baggy carpenter jeans an black dc shoes people avoid me girls glance at me then glance again then walk faster
  2. man if i lived near u , wed have some serious sketch book battles i like that shyt
  3. blaster master mario 3 iron sword 1 2 and 3 who framed roger rabbit castlevania ninja gideon festers quest final fantasy 3 mega man sorry dude i cant just name 3
  4. i know u seen it i know u heard about it if u didnt , well then u probably have a life but anyone that knows me , knows that i like redman an methodman an that show gotta be the best thing since nail clippers i never laughed so hard at my tv for a lonnngg time when they had ludicris making frog noises into the mic hahaha:lol: :lol: its better then watchin elmo in grouch land on a e trip
  5. screw them chicks im sticking with my hubby http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Bungalow/8821/photo34.jpg'>
  6. man that movie driven did suck i orderd that crap by mistake thinking it was some drug movie , then im sitting there all set to watch it an i see salvester stalon in big white letters goin across the screen an im hearing some cheesy music that all teen type movies got , and another movie i just cant stand an that i was somehow duped into seeing it 3 times in the movies was the Haunting that movie sucked so bad, really any movie with that guy with the crooked nose in it sucks like the one where he was in that fake western with chakie chan ::vomit::
  7. wouldnt have waisted money on i was reading that thread on people that should go bankrupt an how someone waisted $8.50 to see another teen movie an i realized , hey! theres alot of movies i went to see just to find out in the first 10 min. it just sucked an i wanna leave but for some reason i stay to watch the whole movie just cause im a idiot , but here are some movies i thought that sucked to pay to go see 1. mortal kombat 2 -cheesiest fight sceens an crapy fx 2. cliford - i hate martan short 3. bicentenial man - it was 3 hours an just stupid 4. scary movie -was like a bad porno 5. He-Man 6. space invaders
  8. 17 m philly pix to trade s2r holla where da chicks at on this forum b ! yo like u know what im sayin how u hold ur can when u paintin dog on the real real u know what im sayin cause i hold mines kinda like a raptor oh 17 m philly pix to trade s2r holla holla
  9. oh an this is shakira ...... http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/skinny%20geek/shakira.jpg'> nothing great ::yawn::
  10. dudeeeeeeee nelly furtado mooned meeeee !!!!!!!! http://www.freephoto-i.net/users/skinny%20geek/nelly%20booty.jpg'>
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