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  1. decu goldyn1


    muhaha I've got the name back I've always hated this name so I will stick with elizabeth. It's magic.
  2. decu goldyn1

    The new 12oz.

    ha you really think he's read a book? It's funny I typed in 12ozprophet.com/community one day and saw the board. I was like when did this happen.
  3. decu goldyn1

    fuck....12 minutes ago..i found out

    Motherfuck ninety dollar show, if you can't make it or something goes terribly wrong before the show I will gladly take your place. here's a write up of sundays show Reviews & pics of the Gorillaz @ Apollo
  4. decu goldyn1

    Ultimate Krump-nation Super thread

    So was that a good thing? Quoted post [/b] Yes it's a good thing. There aren't after school programs for the kids and it gives them something to do other than football, basketball, or joining a gang. Plus they make money from clowin' by performing for birthday parties and etc. I just watched it, I still don't really dig the style of dancing but I respect it because it looks physically exhausting. Rize, was a pretty good doc to me.
  5. decu goldyn1

    Hardcore kids

    oh yeah dominican day parade ...i missed them yesterday, I shouldn't have. I go to shows, i'm late bloomer. These days i'm going backwards. Forwards I listen to a lot of locals. neglect, nrsv, billy club, skarhead, icepick, berzerkers I could careless about the so called politics, scene codes, toughguys whatever whatever whatever. I like the music.
  6. decu goldyn1

    Fuck This Shit Thread - no homo

    Oh no this shit is not cute I've actually got the hiccups and can't stop after drinking way too much tonight/morning. I'm also listening to some tiga sunglasses at night run dmc mix. into three six maf Time to go to sleep
  7. decu goldyn1

    What Are You Listening To: 2006

    Justice vs Simian - We Are Your Friends
  8. decu goldyn1

    Whatup WhodieLife

    tings sounding nice dumy, that's what's up. The day in the life of a whodie. Shit mang i'm drunk some dudes telling me rarrrahrarr and i'm like okay fine. Friday it is on like Donkey Kong. Here we go again
  9. decu goldyn1

    what the fuck is wrong with kids these day.

    don't even start me. I want to start a hate campaign against them. They sound like cracked out billy goats. or lambs baby lambs
  10. decu goldyn1


    Bump that krnl panic mix is ace. Thanks guys
  11. decu goldyn1

    Shit you shouldnt mix when eating.

    any food and the myspace thread
  12. decu goldyn1

    Wonder Showzen

    haha Great I'll have to tape it.
  13. decu goldyn1

    TGIF - April Fools Edition

    well i don't know Friday: pick up tckts & a cupcake either go to a show or hip hop thingy Saturday: Lithography afterwards go to a club and dance my ass off Sunday: business, lithography, and a concert maybe a club afterwards, i'm on the fence about it exciting
  14. decu goldyn1


    I like longboards i've got a sector 9, 42" I plan on getting a thinner 7 or 8ply, the one I have is too thick. Maybe something concave also. This would be nice That's a nice site mamerro, there's some crazy designs on it
  15. decu goldyn1


    agreed and dude does nothing for me.