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  1. fuckin sick shit man..the dephy shit is tight
  2. Mesiah


    1. this is sick as hell 2. if anyone has any information about this. reply.
  3. shutup hater. i like seeing graff on tv and in magazines..its more ups and it looks fresh.
  4. Re: tree dee yo! !!!
  5. shutup you fuckin pussy. go buy yourself some testicles.
  6. Mesiah


    yah ivos gay.. his threads should be called ivos super gay thread. so that people dont accidentaly click on them thinking they will be sick.
  7. Mesiah


    fuck. yah thats right. i said fuck. F - U - C - K. fuck.
  8. Mesiah


    http://www.blameitonsociety.com/images/Dsc00648.jpg'> http://www.blameitonsociety.com/images/Dsc00291.jpg'> http://www.blameitonsociety.com/images/Dsc00126.jpg'> http://www.blameitonsociety.com/images/Dsc00167.jpg'> http://www.blameitonsociety.com/images/Dsc00661.jpg'> http://www.blameitonsociety.com/images/Dsc00296.jpg'>
  9. http://www.killermice.com/images/117.jpg'>
  10. very sick..who all is it? the zes is dope too. the ola thing looks bitten from Ayer(Rest In Peace) or Klean or something and this rank shit looks highly influenced by Rask.. maybe theyre down or something whatever.. either way i dont care..it looks bitten.. on another note Kryst is lookin real fresh and dest is always rockin sound shit..same with duem..
  11. bump for that girl.shes pretty bomb
  12. the Gen II and Oze 108 are off the charts
  13. Re: Miami wholy FUCK! post more of this shit! and bump! because those girls are tight
  14. that sonet shit is hot so is that fanta tag near the beginning of the thread
  15. Mesiah


    that chemz bomb is fresh
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