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  1. That 3D does not make any sense, sir. I do enjoy the blurple sorcery lightning, as well.
  2. Luscious greens, What's the can breakdown on that last White Buffalo?
  3. I've been painting for 16 years, and Ewok DF has always impressed me. The star connection on the 6th flick got me hyped. The action of the 8th piece I'm really into. It seems kinda silly to be hating on this fellow. Respect where respect is due, right? Even keels.
  4. That Taste is terrific. Great ATT addition.
  5. Geez. Slow down man, you're making the rest of us look bad.
  6. Getting your money's worth with that extinguisher.
  7. Wow. That one came out great!
  8. Before i moved to Colorado, i made a little box about a foot tall, and skated it like 3 times. I also got the first handrail I ever skated when they were tearing down the building, but also had to abandon that during the move. I was planning on cutting some holes in a parking lot and sinking post holes, so i could show up with the rail and be too scared to try tricks.
  9. HAL

    Spray Paint

    Shouldn't that thread be part of the spray paint thread? I only check my subscribed threads, so I'm not in touch with the rest of the forum.
  10. Wow, i want that chair and those curtains. My wife would absolutely love them.
  11. HAL

    Spray Paint

    http://www.liquitex.com/spraypaint/ Got a chance to use a can of this the other day. Unlike every other brand on the market, this seems to be geared heavily towards fine art, rather than craft painting, hobbyists or graffiti. It seemed to me like if i were to water down regular acrylic paint and spray it out of a spray bottle. i can see where they're going with this paint, and it's not necessarily for aerosol art. I think it's geared more towards stenciling and fine art applications. My personal advice is not to waste your money on this unless you intend on using it for canvas and fine art applications. It's not really geared towards graffiti art in my opinion, despite what appears on their demo/promo video.
  12. HAL

    Spray Paint

    The yellows aren't very strong, neither is the Signal Red, but I think the rest are pretty good. I haven't used the whole range, so i can't comment on every single color. The initial run of Pastel Orange and Yellow Green weren't one coat coverage, but the new batch is supposedly more opaque. Again, I haven't had experience with the newest cans. It's very comparable to Evolve or All City paint. Generally good coverage and compatibility with silver, bare concrete, etc. Not so good for detail work and better suited to fat caps. For the price, I think it's tough to beat.
  13. Not too shabby for a hungover jam! Both you and KJ stunk of booze. I can never paint like that. Mad propz, yo.
  14. I've been sticking with Evolve and Fresh Paint for fills. I think it's fairly cheap and the color range is much broader than Rusto, plus the valve is ok and I can interchange caps. Those rusto adapters spray terrible up here in Denver. Every cap is dusty as hell and the pressure is so high. It's workable in cold weather, but once April rolls around, forget it. The stock tip isn't much different than what i get out of a NY Thin. Rusto colors seem so bland to me now. I must be spoiled by all the fancy colors. I remember the Fashion Satin cans disappearing in the mid-late 90's on the east coast. I used to really like the Cobalt Blue. Last time I went to visit family in Connecticut I went out for drinks that first night and hardly got a buzz on 4 beers. It went away after a couple days, unfortunately. Back in the Rusto/Krylon days I would only use NY Thins and Rusto fats, pretty much. Some grey dots for Krylon when those came out. NY Thins are still my favorite. I prefer MTN 94 and Molotow for outlines, but Clash has grown on me over the past year. It's a bit cheaper and sprays really well. Spia Yellow is really opaque for a yellow, and very bright.
  15. That astro fat is the same as a pink dot or any of those other hooded euro tips as far as the outer structure. I think they're pretty comfortable. Beige dots are great at sea level, but a bit dusty with most brands at +5000ft. The MTN 94 stocks are useless up here. The only cap i can get to work consistently with Evolve, Ironlak, Fresh Paint etc is a NY Fat. Those yellow thins don't work at all for me.
  16. Pivo? Bier? Biere? Birra? Cervesa?
  17. Just me personally, but i basically stick with NY Fats for fills and those clear yellow german caps for linework. If it's big or solid fill, I might use these all black fatcaps the shop in town sells called Beast Fats. They're basically just huge fats like the Astro Fats or gold ones, and empty a can in under 5 minutes. I discovered that they produce the smoothest fades ever when you're in the fill stage, and can cut over all the mess with your outline. There are so many caps now. I've taken to saving one of each new cap i find, because I expect most to fade away over time. It would be a nice little display for a museum, if there ever were a graffiti museum like the Baseball Hall of Fame. We're at a time where the culture is exploding, and so many products are available that all serve the same purpose. I'll guess that 60% of the products available now will be discontinued in 10 years. I used to use a lot of grey dots with old valve Krylon. Now, with the euro paint, I want a very crisp line, so i stick with those yellow germans. I was on a kick for a while with cutting down the stem on NY Thins, but sometimes they still don't work right. If i could have a NY Thin diffuser with a stem compatible for european valves, that would be ideal. I like a medium width line, like those grey german caps with the blue center, but none of the available euro caps spray clean enough. Beige dots are great, but only work well with Montana Gold and sometimes Molotow. The altitude up here in Denver really screws with caps and spray pressure, so everything sprays like it's been sitting in the sun up here.
  18. It's been a couple years, but yeah. As i remember, they felt similar to one of those older orange dot euro fats, the ones with the wide ridges and the lip at the bottom of the cap. Or those blue dot fats with the wide ridges that came on graffiti remover sprays. I always thought those were a lot like orange or pink dot caps.
  19. I guess a modern equivalent would be a pink or orange dot euro fat. For the 70's and 80's, that was considerably fatter than a stock tip. I can understand why jifoams were highly regarded.
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