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  1. Oh and for the record.... That is a terrocatta flatball fill with with monty pistacio green in the eyes and straight ultra flat blizack for the shade. Took the flick and for bandwidth sake crushed the file to jpg. I know the site is boring but we aren't tryin to look pretty. Just get some paint and shit out.
  2. HAHAHAHAHAAAA...... and your dumb. We don't beg for flix, we offer space for flix. You don't know shit about anything but how to sucka dick. Don't hate. We sell, CHEAP.... make no money.... Go fuck a dick and get off mine. As far as the face..... I KNOW WHAT"S UP...... what ever the fuck that meant. Ride dick. Off me. CAPS..... my customers know whats up. We treat you nice. Sorry 12oz had to get my side up.
  3. ...........yup that shit is gangster...... straight goofy gus.
  4. Just wanted to see how many people looked at this thread........ahahahaha It worked in Third Rail to. Yeah I know its gay but who cares. CAPS..... i'm full of gravy
  5. Actually we have german fats and skinnies but we are working on a site update right now with bigger faster phater graphics and a cool interface so we are slacking on updating the catalog. The thing is we are getting more heads every day so we realize we need more junk. We are working on bringing in a lot of crap........................but anyway. CAPS......... almost went on an advertising tie raid....sorry seek and smart
  6. man I can't even make this out..... all i get is BLA BLA BLA BLA FUCK BLA BLA BLA FUCK can someone help me out.
  7. Actually Delight, don't let all these jerk jerks yank ya around. The truth is, I actually make all the tips in the world. Yeah all of them. By hand. I widdle them outta little blocks of plastic. It takes a while to get good but I can turn out roughly 1.2 million a day which just about keeps up with demand. So if you need some at "dealer prices" let me know. CAPS...... what the ? Who are you people?
  8. No shit. Just remember up up down down left right left right B A select start. Infinate lives helps alot. CAPS hates me
  9. .....why is it I grab my penis and squezzzz it till it turns purple, punch it till it turns white, then poke it till it bleeds red..... why is it?
  10. UHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh..... i don't know. Where? (irony)
  11. K..... 3d style wildstyle chars what do you like, why, and why don't you like the other shit. I ask 'cause a freind of mine hates 3d style and I can't for the life of me figure out why.
  12. If you had say.......... 200 dollars and I needed some smack cocain and I didn't have any money, would you buy some for me?
  13. CAPS

    research resources

    www.playboy.com all you need CAPS..... helping out the poor to stay poor by taking all the shit.
  14. Explain your fetish with REGULATOR.
  15. How has the decline of western civilization affected the way you take a shit? If you could breast feed on dolly parton would you still be a pussy. I have this thing on my nads ............wanna chew it off? CAPS
  16. take it outta the oven man. You gotta let it get cold. CAPS...... dumb question. You shoulda known that.
  17. K..... your dumb. some of the best rymers out right now are asian and white. Go fuck yourself dipshit. With a name like DMX ..... he had to be lame. CAPS........ what is it today with all the suburban fags?
  18. If I had a cope video, would you do a cope tag on it for me?
  19. "If I spit on my fist will you fuck yourself with it?"
  20. if i shit really hard...... and my butthole bleeds.... is that bad?
  21. CAPS

    594 Gear

    just cause you wear graff clothes doesn't mean you front or are tryin to get rep. I like the art, I respect the artist. It's just fucking clothes people. You all remind me of kids in the 3rd grade making fun of each others for their clothes. JUST PAINT..... quit being judgemental pricks. CAPS.... for christ sake
  22. CAPS

    594 Gear

    Alright sissy i will clarify.... under a bridge on the oposite pillar about 100 feet away so it wasnt "right next to it"....... your just as bad as him. CAPS
  23. goddamit......... shit...... fuckin highjacked. CLOSE this thread.... i started it and now some fags highjacked it. Fuck those guys. Probably don't like Mr. T anyway. CAPS..... close and close again
  24. CAPS

    594 Gear

    Man fuck off..... just paint. You think he's toy? I love toy hunters....... They just try to look cool but probably never paint or if they do its in a garage sayin alot of "yo dawg thats ill". I'm fired up.... i pieced next to a grime piece tonight that has been riding since 97 in his and my hometown so yall fuck off....... guess i'm toy now to? sheesh.... just go paint. Unless you been painting awhile your a toy to....... CAPS............... what the fuck is up with all the haters tryin to look cool for all the suburban nerds.
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