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  1. These cookies are fucking good......... motherfuckers.
  2. Billie Holiday Ella Fitzgerald Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong and Louis Armstrong All you'll ever need
  3. It's official. Your a homosexual.
  4. Trust me pal, I am self made. I have refused every cent ever offered me because I don't want that rederick that you just spit. For your info, My father and his father are deep south and are democrat. We go rounds constently. "etc. reaganomics benefited NO ONE but the rich. " at first yes. but I beg to differ trickle down didn't work. K I'm done seek.... this has been good. If you want to keep going, e-mail me. Believe it or not, you make sense. hahhahaha. CAPS.... serious tho, e-mail.
  5. I can't beleive nobody said anything about the pearl necklace. K I will..... I gave it to her,, ha hahahaha hahahahahha. Now shut up.
  6. 6. Between 1980 and 1992, the average income of the wealthiest 1 percent of households in the U.S. (d) more than tripled This true.... and I explained why it needed to happen.
  7. You sir are lumping all corprates together as if corprates are all EVIL AND DEMONIC AND OUT TO FUCK THE WORLD. Man yes, buisness can be dirty. But not all buisness is dirty. You seem to think that the economy just solved itself. The thing about economic planning is it is VERY long term. Again, regan planned for growth but first he had to start the growth by giving back money to the only people that where gonna grow the country. You are right that corps took shitloads of jobs overseas and such. Yes they head to the virgin islands to avoid taxes. Shit seek can you blame them? The tax system has gone back to FUCKED. My grandfather died a very wealthy man and to his dying day he paid 40% of everthing he made in a year to the government. Picture this seek, every 10 dollars you make, you have to hand 4 of it to a guy who is gonna turn around and send it overseas to some third world cause we should have nothing to do with. Your missing the fact that it takes 10-15 years to see a presidents legacy. Funny how 10-15 after Regan/Bush we see the strogest economy in history. That is just curious to me. And now coming up on 10 years since Clinton got in office....oh..... Market is crashing, corps are shutting ops and taking them overseas, ....etc. I am saying that when all the "surplus" talk was happening Clinton made no effort to cut taxes. In fact he fucking RAISED them to pay for his socialist bullshit. They are getting more money than they need by 250+ million a year and they still figured out a way to spend it instead of giving it back. Don't get me wrong, W. had a retarded budget and I can't realy stand him as it is because he will not stand up to anyone. Anyway.... we will never end this seek. You are very well informed. I tend to blow things up I know. I just come from a long, LONG line of buisness men and I have seen what they did to help the country so I haven't lost faith in corps just yet. I see how the rich are often misconceived and the few bad apples taint the shine of the rest.
  8. K---- again you are right on A LOT of things.. regan spent the shit outta money and did fuck the debt.... but the outlying goal was to build a POWERFUL nation. You have to spend money to defend as well as build. We had a serious nuclear threat at the time. Like none we have known and regan was spending MASSIVE money to try to protect us and yes that drove the debt to oblivion. As far as the tax cuts for the rich..... THE RICH BUILD JOBS...... bluecollar is truely the oil in the gears but who pays for those gears. I beleive the rich will continue to be rich and it is ignorant to think we can "build a bridge" to gap this. We should give them the money they erned and trust they will BUILD like they did in the mid 80's thru the mid 90's before they got slapped the fuck around and started downsizing all over the place. INFORMATION AGE? Man the bull market that ended in 97 started in 85-86 when we still had very little info traveling like it does now. The market was a direct reflection of what was going on in the economy. yes it blacked out for a bit but then came back stronger than anybody had figured. I am not gonna argue that regan had HUGE flaws but his goal idealy was to give the rich a break which they fuckin deserved. They built the fuckin country and all of a sudden they are penalized for giving people JOBS.
  9. K..... regan cut taxes for the rich. His anylists beleived that by doing so it would spark the rich to invest in AMERICA instead of the onslaught of foreign projects that where going on at the time so they could keep the money out of the country that was robbing them. The anylists said that we would not truely see the effects of these cuts for some 10-15 years. It takes a while to build a new factory let alone get all the ducks in rows to due so....human services, permits, location, funding etc... so when all these LOCAL companies started hiring massive amounts of LOCALS IN THE STATES for high tech and low tech jobs and not indonesian's or chinese in some far off place, it was a few years later that the unemployment rate was the lowest in history and the economy was off the hook because we had money to spend from all the new higher paying factory and industry jobs that developed the previous 10 years. Shall I get deeper? Oh yeah and Clinton just so happend to be in office when we started rocking so it looked to the sheep that vote like he was responsible.
  10. You are right but fedral grants can pump millions of dollars into the school systems that they may use at there own discression. As far as a taxcut, improbible yes but with a focus on redirection of government and its 1000's of programs.... and the IRS being WAY outa hand.... and the rich getting taxed 40% ........ and and and ..... you wonder why the rich hide money and don't give it to charities or gift programs they beleive in. It's because they have been FUCKED for TOO LONG and they are ready to pull the dick out. Just because the rich have money, and in many cases self made from rags, doesn't mean they should be penalized for our governments blatent misuse of funds. If a corperation ran like the government, it would have been belly up 10 fold. P.S. I am libertarian.... if you hadn't guessed
  11. Paul Barman..... ever heard the album Deltron 3030? Paul is the guy who does the "I keep my dreadlocks in a napkin ring" ryme. He is fucking wierd. His album is wild. It will sound stupid at first then it grows on you like fungi.
  12. CAPS


    I realize this is suposed to be funny but A: no cord attached to gun B: he isn't wearing gloves C: the FRESH tattoo on the guys left arm looks real (even tho he is a pussy for not going all the way around) D: I am a judgemental prick who finds flaws in everything that is supposed to be funny.
  13. Cool I think. Not sure what this is all about but I like the pictures.
  14. Well your right sorta. Clinton made it a point to get his nose in on the palestine/isreal BS and this included shoveling MASSIVE amounts of OUR money to diferent BS concerning isreal/palestine BS. So Clinton fucked off a great economy that the reagnomics built by inserting all these little BS programs and overseas shit and taxing the FUCK outta the rich to pay for it. Fuck the world, they all owe us money (no bullshit) Quit trying to solve the worlds problems and send that money twards school teachers wages, homeless training facilities, and HOLY SHIT a REAL TAX CUT. We are the most powerful nation on earth and we can't even clean up our social issues but we sure can police everybody elses. I could go on about the Clinton years and the real effects of reganomics but I will save that for another thread.
  15. I feel you..... the U.S. is way to into Isreal dick riding. I have theories as to why but I don't wanna be a dick. CAPS
  16. That show is cool..... sheep is just fucked up enough to not be lame. By the way..... how about a steaming hot cup of CRAPACHINO......
  17. I will kill you........ gary the meowing snail crushes like flatball jade satin. I also like ren and stimpy.... i miss 'em. CAPS...... who lives in a pinapple under the sea?
  18. Mosley faught like a pussy. Forest picked him appart. I will say that the reff should have busted forest on the holding a little more. Anyone got any thought on the new Ukrainian fighter that is gonna be the next champ in my opinion (if he gets his guard up better) CAPS..... ali ali ali......fraser fraser fraser
  19. BINGO. and half of them are white.
  20. Re: niggaz always want it. you said niggaz 20 times in one post. I think thats some sort of internet record. No beef just pointin' out.
  21. http://www.sprapex.com/images/new28jan2002/FACE28jan2002.gif'> and good.
  22. all i got from this was bla bla bla i'm gangster bla bla bla bla toy bla bla bla bitch. Get a GED dipshit then post up.
  23. Trust me man I KNOW.... been around that street enough with seek and smart but this fuckstick called me out so I gotta defend eh?
  24. Hit her in the mouth and say , "Pizza? I coulda had pizza at work. I come home and all you made was pizza?" If she laughs, your in. If she calls the cops your still in 'cause every girl love her "man" when he goes up. Just me.
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