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  1. Originally posted by se_FOUR

    ..So you would of thought we be hitting freghts now as an alternative but thats not the fucking case.."Follow the leader" my arse, no one looks up to New York any longer


    K you are officially the gayest euro fag I have met. You think that freights are weak? You ever painted over 4 inch ribs? You will folow us cause your lines will eventually get hype and realize that NY's cleans are what they are gonna have to do. Then you will have to hit freights. NO CHOICE. Not to mention my shit rides and travels 2500 miles round trip per week ALL OVER THE U.S. Your shit? Just curious.

  2. Grimes new book is out. You have to order it from grimemonster.com .

    It's 40 bones but it is very worth it. I got my copy about 2 weeks ago and you have no idea how cool it is. Its called "2 year autopsy" and its about his travels in europe tattoing and graffin all over. It's taken straight from his journals. Lots of pick of his tattoo work and his graff. Get it if you can. Grime thinks DEEP and it's very introspective.



  3. Originally posted by onion


    Have a nice day


    Your L&G/Inflammable-Team



    K I see your side a little but it does not escape the fact that you are making a product that you did not originate and do not own the rights to. I am not sure I trust the Farbo story totaly true but OK. Bottom line, the spanish shit is still the OG unchanged sticky shit and L&G have decided they can make paint to. Good. It's still not OG and it is still not OG and it's still not OG. I think you sicked Farbo on them but that is an unfounded observastion.


    I'm done with this topic. Let the courts figure it out.

  4. and............. I hate cope cause his hollows are busted, he drives a benz and racks from moms and pops, and he has a huge fuckin head..... not ego (that to ) but seriously a huge fuckin head. I don't get how he can even walk.


    I hate David Caradene cause he was on front that he was asian. Motherfucker was from Kentucky or some shit.


    I hate loud buzzy euro-cars in front of my tattoo shop. Buzz off 'eh.


    I hate wanna-g-gangsters. My boy Zeke is real and would fuck all those ice cold stunaz up with a blowtourch and a wire hanger for starters.


    I hate gum on sidewalks, after I walk through it.


    I hate rednecks with trucks they need stepsides to get into and glasspacks to make the motor sound like it's got a 450 propane injected blablablabla...


    I hate 24 hour mexican food places cause you know at 4am the shit aint THAT FRESH right?


    I hate people who wear those pajama pants in public. Fuckin christ, I don't need to even give an example why.


    I hate fat girls in spandex, skinny girls in triple XL t-shirts and guys who rock chinese symbols tattoos with a wife beater talkin bout "this shit hurt dog"


    k i'm done.


    CAPS.... I hate me to.

  5. Originally posted by canfucker

    Caps, i read something saying you paint coalcars. I can share my frustrations on that with you.... that's all i've got to work with. Is that the same for you or are you just someone who likes the challenge or something? (those ridges stick out about 3 inches, and there are only 2 paintable panels, etc, etc....)


    Ummmmmmmm...... Well sorta. Our yard stretches for like 4 miles so we have a lot to choose from but it's not like a lot of yards. We have mostly coal mines around here so 98% of the cars are stacked 3 deep with coal cars. I don't mind them, it's just when you see heads that paint nothin but flats because they have sick access to them, I just feel that ribbies are a must learn. If you learn ribbies, you can paint ANYTHING. Some cars have like 6-8 ribs and huge nuts/knuckles so they can be really challenging.

  6. Originally posted by Smart





    except CAPS, he's cool...


    See yall, these mods are cool you just gotta play by the rules. I mailed a mod and let him know whats going on and he said it was cool to post the sale. We lost a grip of cash on the 3 dollar can deal but we don't care cause we needed to get rid of it to make room and besides, 12oz has been good to us so we wanted to hook up the heads.


    Lesson: Play by the rules... and don't get banned.

  7. Originally posted by honkyartist

    dont be sad high ball instead of cheerleading on line.

    Rails are rocked and toys online Jock


    aren't you online honkey? Just curious how you could post up otherwise.






    CAPSloc............ I paint for dirty money and free beer.

  8. Originally posted by TED NUGENT




  9. Originally posted by Esai

    YOU: Lame my ass fool.


    ME: ....NO you are.... no you are....



    YOU: Another thing, for every minority that gets a scholarship theres 100 in jail, thats a basic truth. Just because your world is black and white, like you believe, doesnt mean reality is.


    ME: K I feel you on the minority prison situation. I got mad homeboys locked up for weak shit that my white friends didn't catch nearly as much of a click for. My world is far from black and white pal, to me it's all a shade of human. I don't beleive in race. BUT it has been proven over and over and over that the scholorships, programs, bla bla bla are much more in abundance purely based on your color because of the bullshit profiling and afirm action shit that goes down. Here is a neat fact for you. Did you know that there are twice as many white folk on welfare than any other "race". I like to spit that at the NAZI faggots I tattoo now and again.


    YOU:I know tons of people around me who work their asses off for nothing.


    ME: True. Nuff said.


    YOU:PS how the hell did you become homeless after you said your grandpa carved out a nice life for your family, Either I smell bullshit or you have one hell of an interesting ass life.


    ME: Trust me kid, it was no bullshit. My grandfather may have been a millionaire but you would have never knew it. He lived in an 80 thousand dollar house and drove a buick. He gave TONS of money away and built a church for his comunity. The real is that he helped and gave more than he took. He refused to baby his children. My mom has worked HARD for the past 35 years. She didn't get a handout.


    HOW DID I BECOME HOMELESS? drugs.... I will leave it at that. I have been sober almost seven years now. To close ESAI , don't hate the rich man. It's a waste of time. Your right that few are like my grandpa. Most of the true WW2 rich are dying off and now the newschool rich are the shitheads that are greedy. But I still say that even so..... the 40% tax bracket is BS. 40% of my Grandfathers money was TAKEN from him every year. Without hatin' put yourself in his shoes for a minute. All he has done for people and he got FUCKED.If I was rich right now, I would hide my money to.

  10. Originally posted by freeze

    [b i ate pork n' bean sandwiches...it didn't taste good, but it was better than hunger pains. [/b]


    WHAT? Those are some of the hotest samiches around kid! I can't believe you dont like bean bean sammys.


    I use to go to City market (its like king soopers) and make friends with the managers.... they would kick we down when they closed the deli every night.

  11. Originally posted by Esai

    Fuck the rich,, less than 1% actually came from poverty, and today thats generally immagrants. So that means your gramps was probably a fucken thief, fuck you and your family. If you want some more education and reality of american economy and its effects on the public, come down from your mansion and Ill give it to you in person



    and your dumb.....

    1st: My grandfather was an imigrant from a POOR italian family. He started his buisness from scratch and worked 20hr days 7 days a week for almost 30 years. I haven't met very many "poor" folk that are even willing to work that hard. Half of them bitch about a part time job. I know cause half of them are my friends.


    2nd: I live in a house that I bought with my own money. I own two buisneses and 2 cars. I'll let you in on a little secret. I use to be homeless about 10 years ago. I walked away from my family and decided I would find my own way. I traveled from COAST TO COAST staying in some straight up FUCKED situations. I know of the poverty you speak of. I lived it. Then I got fed up with blaming the world for my problem and got the fuck up and out. Fuck you and your asumptions.


    3rd: I will not debate the flaws in regans economic plans. Me and seek did enough of that. I showed what I beleive, and he VERY WELL stated his point. I know of two college econ professors that would debate that it worked. I only wish I had the facts they had to post up. In reality it worked and it didn't. I know this. But from what I beleive in as far as free market capitalism...... I built myself from the dirt up and anyone who wants to can to. ESPECIALLY if you are latin or afro-american. I have two homeboys who are on full ride scholarships and the had OK grades. All you gotta do is want it.


    this is all..... you came lame kid.

  12. here is another good arguement.



    and yes I am a bargain hunter. K-Mart is 61 cents a share right now. They just hired a guy to get them on track so trust this..... they will come back. buy 100 shares....that will cost you 70 bucks. If it even goes up to 2.00 a share it's a nice return but picture a return to glory days of 13 a share this time last year and you will have a SWEET return.

  13. Originally posted by binaryheresy

    seek.... you are by far the most intellectual person i have seen on this forum. very well done sir.


    this is my last thing on this subject... the crash of 89'?! markets created in 1990's? ok.


    Bla.... 89 was a mishap. We came off track for a minute then came back on. Natural fix. It's how the market works. Same shit is happening now. It has to plateu and drop...... it is not an infinate growing entity.If it was we would all be rich and anylists would ALL be right. I am buying Haliburton shares as we speak. 2 days ago they dropped to 9.50 ish a share today they are hitiin 11.50ish. This time last year they traded at 45ish a share. You do the math.


    By the way here is a site for you all to get some viewpoints on reganomics.



    I like this particular fact:


    "When he was elected in 1980, inflation was a major concern. Jimmy Carter had beaten Gerald Ford like a rented mule over the issue while narrowly defeating Ford four years earlier. Yet under Carter, the inflation rate shot up to 12 percent. Ronald Reagan’s administration sliced that by more than half.


    On taxes, President Reagan pushed through Congress the largest cut in history, 25 percent over a three-year period. The marginal tax rate was 70 percent when he was elected; that was reduced to 28 percent, courtesy of the Gipper. The resulting boom reduced unemployment and lowered interest rates while inflation diminished. "



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