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  1. hater. go back to your sharpie on your school desk, leave the painting to the adults.
  2. http://www.dictionary.com n. pl. graf·fi·ti (-t) A drawing or inscription made on a wall or other surface, usually so as to be seen by the public. Often used in the plural. And now? What really is your definition of graff cool guy? So all the r.i.p.s that get put up for homeys with portraits as the focus isn't really graff eather? K just wanted to get that straight. You can't define graff. It's ever evolving. Cats who can only do font tend to hate on others who can burn chars and other shit. That's my opinion.
  3. I supose since it doen's have wildstyle and shit all over it, it isn't graff? Shmuck.
  4. Well it's funny, that is all you have to say about it. I will go into detail about what the piece means if you want the "art fag" explination but I am not gonna go into it. Let's just say that I wanted to show that legal "grafitti" is kind of an oxy moron and it's funny that this piece has gotten all the hype (this is the second cover of a paper it's been on) that it has gotten and nobody finds the irony in it.
  5. http://www.nick.com/shop/spongebob/images/spongebob.gif'> need I say more http://www.kidsonlinemagazine.com/refrigerator/donotlinktothisgraphic.gif'> seek drew this.....ok no he didn't http://www.screensavershot.com/animation/spongebob.jpg'> a pineapple....... that shit is hype. I like the "easter island" shit to.
  6. oh my god..... that is all I can say..... oh my god.
  7. depends on how you look at it. get it?.....DEPENDS on how.....hahahah....haha.....ha......ok bad joke.
  8. CAPS

    white people

    wow....you have actually just made yourself look "accepting" and "cool" and "understanding to the struggle. This websites for you pal -------> http://www.blackpeopleloveus.com/ It's funny to me, like when someone says," I don't have a problem with gay people, I have lots of gay friends." Like that is the only thing that defines a person is the color of their skin or their sexuality.
  9. Not much of a story really. They are working on a HUGE article about the whole project right now. We are trying to build up enough steam to get the city to let us build a legal spot at a local skate park. Anyway, here is the little tag that went with the photo. http://home.attbi.com/~capsloc/story.jpg'>
  10. bump...... I gotta read some more you fuckers.
  11. Oh for real. I hate the letters. I was trying to go BASIC text. the "G" fell the fuck off tho.
  12. CAPS

    white people

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ um......sorta...............
  13. Hey my stupid ass got on the front page of my towns paper. man I am a complete toy now. It's official. Anyway, it's a legal downtown. The face took me about an hour. The old man standing in the shot owns the buisness right behind it. http://home.attbi.com/~capsloc/caps.jpg'>
  14. CAPS

    white people

    white guys are all," howdy! wanna buy some stock?" black guys are all,"gimme your money!" mexicans are all,"odalay! You got some weed holmes?" chinese are all,"neeega prrrease" and finally I'm all ,"this thread is a waste of my time" and your all ,"yeah but you read it, hahahahahahahahahahah"
  15. K...........I am gonna say that is the illest shit for now. Cmon fuckers, who got the "I shit my pants ona hot date" story.
  16. CAPS

    Wonder Years

    Ya know I could read KaBar's posts all day long. Take note all you fuckers. If you are gonna waste bandwidth at least do it with the technical skills such as KaBar. He is articulate and well spoken. I can almost picture EVERYTHING he presents. God dahmit. And now back to taking a poo poo and jerking off to "Winnie Fan Club" pics.
  17. K ....and now a thread about shitting. ONLY your worst shitting stories ever. I was flying on an airplane , early flight, and had made my normal breakfast of nicotine and a SHITLOAD of coffee. Well on a long early flight they tend to serve breakfast on the flight. I chose the eggs with sausage and a small cup of O.J. Alright first rule on an airplane, NEVER eat the meat and almost NEVER folow it up by acidic bevrages such as coffee, O.J. , apple juice......etc. K well I had at this point broken all the rules and was tapping it off by sipping a CARBONATED soda when all of a sudden something felt wrong. You know the feeling like when you think you may have left your wallet at the crack spot. Anyway, my stomache started making sounds like "lardass" in Stand By Me. Well I have had this happen before, I have bad intestines, so I was just content with waitng out to see if I was gonna need to bolt to the bathroom or just maybe rip a little ass and piss some poor folk off. About 5 minutes later, I was at an APEX. I was past getting to a bathroom on time. My guts where actually on fire and the pressure to my colon was building at an exponetial rate. But to add to the discomfort, I was getting really naseaus as well. K from what I remember, I turned to the guy beside me and in between almost blacking out and screaming I actually PUKED all over the poor sap at the same time as releiving my lower intestine into my shorts. K now picture it, you puke and shit at the exact same time while sitting in an airplane seat with 2 hours of a flight left and NO change of shorts let alone clothes. Needless to say, I was VERY much hated by all around as the dank smell of of not only vomit but really runny shit wafted around the plane. I think I actually heard a guy mention that he was gonna have to "get a refund" or something. K kids, you guys think you can top that?
  18. Yes yes..... this video is an inteligent look "in to" the human mind and "inner" workings of the female body. They take you "inside" then "back out" as the "delv into" the true ideals of the human inferstructure "within" the female subcultures. They really "penetrate" the ideals and morals that make up the "guts" of a species. 3 thumbs "up" from CAPS
  19. K now that was officially the gayest thing I have heard in a day or 2.
  20. Thanks. I meant the capital letter blowin up the spot with huge font queen.
  21. And ........your banned. Good job.
  22. Do you guys like girls?
  23. seriously, you are a style biter. I make way better cookies and I could care less if you think it's cool to jock ride and ad-hate.
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