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    yes but right in so many ways.
  2. K time for the pix super thread. Get on google and pull em up bitches: http://images.bluecarrots.com/community/issues/Amputee.jpg'> http://www.bickelboys.com/aaron/HEADLESS.JPG'> http://www.csubak.edu/campshakespeare/headless.JPG'> http://www.porkpony.com/pictures/Headless.jpg'> cmon fuckers. Bring the wierd shit.
  3. http://www.expresskaraoke.com/store/images/wierd.jpg'>
  4. http://www.corkscrew-balloon.com/01/04/1bkk/img/15e.jpg'> good. I like cereal.
  5. http://pbatey.tripod.com/william6.jpg'> shatner says......"I like it."
  6. CAPS


  7. CAPS


    http://www.sailing-in-rio.com/images/lobsters.jpg'> so you like lobster? cool wanna fuck?
  8. http://www.student.rug.ac.be/vnsu/images/puke.jpg'>
  9. http://www.mailbag.com/users/edfila/puke.jpg'>
  10. Forget Tyler, what the fuck is up with you? Faded jeans? ..............sexy?........ fuck a duck you can't be serious. Tyler is the illest freestyle goth battler ever. See I will show you. I will start and he will come with the most emo-esck illness in the world: My breath burns with hatred on your soft neck. I want to bite thy face and yet I can only think about my mother and her sickness. I am but a willow, in the cold night, waitng for a sun that will never rise for me but for you. See that was ill emo-goth freestyle but Ty will straight nock heads.....
  11. "that is one ill ass final outline on the statue of liberty! Speakin of lines......."
  12. shit I gots emo all day..... I wait to the forth night as if to contempt the day and still I receive nothing from the world. I hit the rocks and earth beneath me with bloody fists beggggging to die. I will see the end for nearly a moment then be rushed back to a plain day with plane clothes and a plane life. cmon Tyler battle my shit.... lets just both get hooked on tar and write pages for days.
  13. yes for a deep cavern is not as deep as the hole left by you in my soul. Small creatures inhabit the places that love use to flurish like fresh rain. Death.... oh death. I want to kiss theeeee forever. so are we battling now Tyler?
  14. Bunk link. I need to shit anyway. who's with me?
  15. bunk link...... I need to shit anyway. Whos with me?
  16. That's what I was thinking. Emo is the goth of the 80's. Sit around and talk about how wierd you are in place of depressed and you have emo.
  17. "*thinking to himself* I wonder what a pre-pubesant nipple looks like. Is it coney or bubble shaped? I must look at it."
  18. um no. my town was founded by the klu klux and meth is RETARDED everywhere. On a lighter note Chie Chie Rod-ri-gwez won the masters today.
  19. Oh yeah and emo is ......................... for suburban nerds who................wannna................. ah fuck I got nothin. They have gay hair and act all slimy/dirty/punk but actually shower and get good grades.
  20. Is she pissing? With a haircut like that it wouldn't surprise me.
  21. I talked about that once. My bro has nervous bowels like a chihuahua or somethin. If we plan a late night raid, he has to bring t.p. in his pocket. He took the biggest drop right by this water tower we where workin' on and didn't tell anyone......... you can guess the rest.
  22. I still WRECK. But legals are nice to kinda give back a little. I like "average" people to enjoy my "art". But there aint nothin like steel baby.
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