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  1. I. If O. Only K. Kyle from "road trip" didn't remind me S. So much of popgun.
  2. http://www.mckusick.com/~mckusick/ty/punk@11.jpg'> I love tylers hair.
  3. killed it. Just slapped the link up for all you broke ass 56k emo squater shite mouth head fuck fucks fit-o-fist-up yer but.....one.
  4. and another......... http://home.attbi.com/~capsloc/emocool.gif for pop and ty.
  5. you know I'm playin pop. I dig you. I just like giving you shit.
  6. go here for some apreciation pop. http://home.attbi.com/~capsloc/emocool.gif your welcome.
  7. well if we are showing movies.... here is a quick one. http://home.attbi.com/~capsloc/caps.gif tyler should like it.
  8. CAPS


    thats just mean..... and cool to.
  9. MOTHERFUCKIN C-ROS..... fuck yeah with t-tops and shit.
  10. CAPS


    http://megamemory.homestead.com/files/tits0001.JPG'> HER.... http://www.webforwards.com/images/21oldman-naked.jpg'> Me..... That's popgun!
  11. That's not actually Emo Phillips.....it's popgun.
  12. http://www.gazette.uwo.ca/1998/February/19/photos/emo.gif'>
  13. http://www.oleswanson.com/images/emo.jpg'>
  14. Well get off the pills pop! How many fuckers have told you that you emo fucker. I think you are trying to make your shit black so it matches your hair/shoes/sox/belt/jacket/mood.
  15. http://www.x20.com/images/tiny-11.jpg'> http://vortxweb.net/cards/suic.jpg'> http://www.totoro.org/emo/images/emo-title.gif'> http://www.totoro.org/emo/images/emo-sketch.gif'> http://www.oleswanson.com/images/emo.jpg'> cmon fuckers.....go.
  16. http://index.hu/cikkepek/franko/kepek/fuck.jpg'>
  17. D-lush it's all good. Thanks for lookin out. Pistol knows I'm just playin. It aint nothing compared to ABC and Glam Rock huntin' each other with wasteland pix tho! I been laughing for 2 days straight at that shit.
  18. CAPS

    Kazaa Kings™

    http://www.caveoftrouble.com/bear/wasteland/waste-pic/a2-pic/juvenile-a2.gif'> "I like my tummy. Rub tummy rub. I like poo."
  19. http://www.murderme.com/murder/Dead%20Santa.jpg'> God dahmit, now look what you did. You fuckers killed santa. Christmas is so gonna suck now. I hate you pistol.
  20. http://www.thecinemalaser.com/dvd_reviews/images/dead-zone-dvd-image-01.jpg'>
  21. http://www.motelmag.com/movies/images/jfk_candy.jpg'>
  22. http://image.pathfinder.com/ew/features/980731/gross/img/divine.jpg'>
  23. http://www.ninjakitten.net/img/archive/grafitti.jpg'>
  24. CAPS


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