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  1. Sorry seek, I just figured since it was about Dondi and he was a trainyard kid it would fit. My bad. I'll think harder next time. CAPS..... to much fumes in the 80's
  2. Anybody know some good spots on the net to research Dondi? I have a dope Keith Harring book but I am looking for a Dondi book or a site that is about him. I have a lot of info on him but the cat was rad and I'm always looking for more. CAPS...............seen my book? .......I lost it somewhere between 5th street and hell.
  3. ..Funny how I just come on to say how i completed a mission and all of a sudden a bunch of punks think they can clown. Piss off bitches. You think I care if you think my name is wack? HAHAHA. I have been writing CAPS for almost 10 years. I didn't just start wrtiting a year ago like half the clowns who posted did. My spot was chill and will continue to be chill because we know things. My crew is not lame. We research for hours watching listening and learning routes patterns and whatnot. We know our yard and like the kid from Canada said our yard moves all night and day. We are a main shipping d
  4. ...SHIT MAN...... i dont know how many. I pieced about 5 for about 2 hours then I just bombed about 25 or 30. Our freights park in lines of about 2-3 miles long in our valley and about 4 deep. It's super chill. Hit a motherload of about 10 silver flats parked in a row.Thats what i pieced on. Then the flats where just sprinkled between the ribby cars. I t was nice. CAPS............ all about my skrilla
  5. Just went and crushed a half mile of freights. Be on the lookout . Coming to a traincrossing near you. Look for PANTS, CHOK and CAPS. Then look for your wallet cause my mamma just took it to buy crack. CAPS...... brotha gets hit by a train and he's ultra flat black.
  6. K...... who's better? Backstreet Boys or New Kids On The Block?....... Oh yeah they both suck. Sorry. Needed a topic for some of the bickering ass clits to discuss so we can get back to the good shit. CAPS........... I'm sweet like a bag of candy corn
  7. .Time for round 3. Recently I really started using Montana paint and have grown to use it all the time. I still sketch with Krylon Colonial and some Ultra Flat Black but I have just grown to love using Montana. A couple of my crew have started bombing with it. They just go on and on about how solid and tight it fills in a one pass. So another of my crew said that he thinks I'm punkin cause I don't really wanna use Krylon anymore. I say why use only a few colors with Kry and Rusto when I can get 100+ colors with Montana. He says its sellin out and punkin on mixing. I still plan
  8. Well the last subject got some decent replies so lets start another. I am a tattoo artist and before that I was a graphic design artist. Before that I cant remeber cause I was to high and forgot. I have been at it a while and since i first started writing I was more into characters than into letter style. I have grown a lot in 10 years and I have messed a little here and there with letter style but my true love is and always will be characters. NOW...... some of the locals and I get in debates about how characters are not as much a part of graff as lettering and I say BULLSHIT. I know a
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