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  1. ...blizza... .... Well i'm not gonna go into how much our cans are cause it aint cool in the forum, compared to the rest...we are DIRT CHEAP and that is all I'll say. As for the krylon and montana spraying in the cold, you all are right about IF the paint was cold, it would spray like shit, but before I go to my spots, I literally put my paint by my heater. By the time I get out to paint (after a little hiking) it usually is still pretty warm. Like i said it's all about the prep. When you live in Colorado, you gotta prep if you wanna winter paint. Otherwise you end up doing panels and ind
  2. Shhhhhhhhhhh..... nice and quiet. My paint was in my car under the heater so it wasn't icecold. .............. Ice cold paint sucks so don't be a toy and be unprepared. CAPS......... loves toys calling toys http://sprapex.com Montana paint and shit DIRT CHEAP.
  3. ...I don't fib. I lie but I don't fib. CAPS........ not a fibber. http://sprapex.com MONTANA Paint and shit DIRT CHEAP
  4. Anyone who says that montana paint dosen't spray in the cold LIES. It was 5 below last night and I went to my spot and did a full fill burner at 4 am with all Montana and Krylon finals. It was phat. So anyone curious about it now you know, I was kinda leary myself. CAPS....... product testing your sister. http://sprapex.com Montana paint and shit DIRT CHEAP (new site look, check it)
  5. You guys remember that post from the site "do i suck.com?".or something..... I cant remeber if thats the rite adress. It was that site you could upload your graff to and people could vote on it. Anybody have the adress? CAPS....... sidebusting e-bayers by accident. http://sprapex.com montana paint STUPID CHEAP
  6. ...here's the deal...... ....I'm not gonna blow my own dick here but I'm an award winning tattoo artist and I have to say that the piece you have is a nice idea. I would say that before you go putting darks in the piece to try to finish covering up the old piece I would say that it would look tuff if you made the peeker lines from the old tattoo into cracks. Make the piece look like it's stone with cracks. If your current artist is anything he should see exactly what I'm saying. Give him my props on the design. Anyway as far as more to add onto it, I would say that if you like graff, have
  7. CAPS

    what's played-out ?

    .....played........ ...You know whats played?........... Maps. Maps are played. I know where the fuck I'm going. Fuck maps. "CAPS" I hate keyboards that have food stuck in them. http://sprapex.com Montana paint DIRT CHEAP
  8. ..........get this......... http://sprapex.com Montana cheap. that is all CAPS.......... I just like 90 colors OK?....jeez
  9. ...man lighten up ........ I can tell it's more of a joke than anything. Some of the shit is dope like the nrg piece. Some others where cool to. ANYWAY who cares it was kinda cool to be able to say yay or nah. It's a way to get critisism if you are looking for it so you can get motivated to get tighter. I like when someone busts my piece even in fun cause in a little way it makes me try harder. CAPS "my way is better, your way hurts" http://sprapex.com Montana paint DIRT CHEAP.
  10. had to ask? ...If you have to ask why euro paint is $4 per can then you probably don't know. You know the phat shit you see from europe in the mags all the time. Threre's a reason for that. Of course they got style, skill and all that but the also have phat paint that we can't get in the states until a couple years ago. So, ask around. This paint is pricey, but it covers and virtualy doesn't run. I still buy krylon for bombing personally but for pieces.............. nothin is better than euro (except krylo round ball flat jade or terr....lol..bomb the subs) so trust that. CAPS h
  11. CAPS

    Need $256.50?

    KRYLON "flat ball" hey guys.... i just completed my whole krylon "flat ball" colection in one transaction. Thats right every fucking can from 19 (insert date) to 20(insert date). It was so cool this guy was like "hey" and i was all " hey"............................. Whatever. I dig through basements to find old cans. Fuck store bought collections. Piss off. CAPS........ i hate glue.... it gets stuck in my nose.
  12. CAPS

    what's played-out ?

    .depends Depends on what you think is played out. I feel comercially it has become very popular and that is kind of a compliment to graff. For years it has been looked down upon as a degenarates hobby. A deviant pastime and in some cases it is. The fact that the comercial appeal has grown just goes to show that we knew what was up the whole time! We knew that graff was something special, something that couldn't be clumped into the other mediums. It consists of to many elements and aspects to just fit in. It takes style, comitment, BALLS, and respect. Some have done it for fun, some have d
  13. ..lol.1cent..... That's cool 1 cent cheaper. We just went for a nice round figure. CAPS http://sprapex.com
  14. SPRAPEX.com is now online and taking orders. I know we aren't supose to promote comercial sites but we are writers and just want to get the GOOD spanish paint out to the true creators for cheap. Come check it out and tell us what you think of the interface. Ordering is easy just like iced cake. Lates Jason "CAPS" http://sprapex.com
  15. .......nope.......... ..SERIOUS........ there are millions of fuckin spots. They can't watch them all. Just don't even play with the cameras. Not worth it. Go get ups in the newschool spots. Put some thought into your mission. Unless you get buffed then that's another ball gizz. CAPS....... police........... gotta love em. They wish they could get up....... that's why they bust the spots.
  16. .masks...... ..........2 dollar closeout holloween masks are looking better and better. CAPS........speakin of your sister, i dissed her,I rode her last week and she gave me this sticky blister. www.sprapex.com... supplying good Euro paint for all the U.S.
  17. .our Montana is Spanish...... I meant to say European paint sorry. Our Montana is spanish. Sorry about the lack of clarity. CAPS
  18. CAPS

    put yo hood up

    .....whatever........ ........this one time......... i was in nam.........man if i had a can of belton for everytime i started a bombin story like that...... we where pinned down in a fire fight. My flank was toast and all i had was about 25 rounds left. Just then a grenade hit and took everyone in my platoon out but me so I was like "i aint going out like that. JUNKTOWN REPRESENT!" i says. I pop up over the top of the hill just as this crazy V.C. came at me. I started carvin my one liner into him with what i had left in my clip.......... man that shit was hot. I to this day I got king st
  19. Thanks Guys Serious. your input will be noted. Thanks for the props neut. We will have the color names on rollover in the Java window so that will be changed. Keep checkin it out and givin us feedback. We will taylor the site to our customers and not assume what you want. Latez CAPS........... all about the real paint.
  20. .......Come check the site out. We will be open for bid-ness in about a week. I know we are not suppose to promote comercial sites but we are trying to get belton and montana out as cheap as we can for all the true creators. Come give us some feedback on the site as far as navagation and how it pops up on your browser. Help us make it easy. It's not totally done yet but close so just remeber the address and check back soon. www.sprapex.com CAPS........ not makin bucks................. just buckin.
  21. CAPS

    CAPS pics

    .thanks and true........ Yeah the character is mine. The letters are his. He is a cool kid. Has a lot of heart. He tries hard. The fucked thing about that project was that these sticker store bought punks, and i mean leather jackets with new misfits patches and green hair punks, where hangin till we left and we didn't really think to take our roll out tray with us so when we came back the next day to flik it in the light, they had rolled it just to be dicks. Oh well, I know it crushed so thats all. Thanks for the prop on the char. CAPS............ boots and braces.......... pff
  22. CAPS

    CAPS pics

    Just a couple flix for you guys. A legal wall in portland... only had about 1 hour so it was a quickie. my friend with me just picked the cans back up after a little r&r for about 6 mnths so he was rusted. CAPS......... fly like a rock its my friends site. ........ flix............. click............. flix..........
  23. ....I'm sick as shit of my crew pissing in each others faces. 2 guys keep fuckin bustin each other to the point one of the better kids is wanting to leave the crew and get with a better known one. Now i fuckin hate soap operas. I get sick of ," he said" and ,"but he said". If you are lucky enough to be a in a good crew, don't be a pussy and bitch about who's style is better or who has more paint..... JUST FUCKIN PAINT. If you have beef, talk to that cat and get your shit straight. Dont create inhouse rukus. The point of a crew is brotherhood. It's representing skill and being down for a cause
  24. CAPS


    ......hey guys.. i like milk to. .Yeah and see4 and daim, i like them and i like milk maybe i'll drink milk tomorrow. Yeah i knew a writer named milk, he was at the (insert name) legal wall and was all,"hey" and i was all,"hey". I like him and his girlfriend was cool she gave me a new cookie recipe. I like Milk. Milk on my face. Face. Face. :eek: I like cope. He writes cool. He's all city. Help me..... milk:dazed: CAPS.... got mine off e-bay....a.d.d..... bad
  25. ..........Here's a discussion. Is doing a production for $ selling out graff? I say that if they pay for paint and kick down $100.00 a day then it's not that big of deal. They are gonna benifit from the murals finacially so shouldn't we also? We have 3 pros lined up and the crew started dibating this. We have produced in the past for fun but I feel this is a diferent story. The production is for buisness matters and will act as a finacial gain for the buisness so should we benifit to?. DAIM and FX I would assume get paid for some of their pros. Not all but some. CHEW ON THAT and lets see what
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